How to Check & Verify a Company on CAC Public Name Search

For a company to the legally recognized by the Nigerian government it must be registered by the Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC). The duty of CAC is to regulate the formation and management of companies in Nigeria. Therefore before you go into business with that company, it is advised you perform a background check.
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Amazing Tips & Treatment to Grow Back Receding Edges in Few Weeks

Most African ladies suffer from traction alopecia, this is recession of the hairline due to chronic traction, or hair pulling. When a lady does various hair style frequently there is high chance of the scalp and hairline to recede due to excess tension. Tight braiding of the hair is a major cause of bald edges.
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Lose Weight By Just Drinking more Water

Water is an essential component of the human body. It is advisable to drink 0.5 liters of water per day so that the body can function properly. It is required for the proper functioning of the cells. It regulates the body temperature and helps boosting up the energy and metabolism levels in the body. It has been reported that the water can burn calories in the body and helps in the flushing out of microbes from the body. 
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Updated FTA Frequency & Symbol Rate for Mega Choice (Ghana)

Hello, if you are getting 'No or Bag Signal' this is because Megachoice has recently changed their frequency from 11075 H 45000 to 11294 H 45000. Therefore all subscribers are to update their receiver frequency and scan to continue viewing.
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JD GALAXY: Get Affordable Fumigation and Cleaning Services in Lagos

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JD GALAXY INTEGRATED SERVICES - we offer affordable Fumigation and Cleaning service in Lagos.
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NYSC 2017 Batch A Stream I & II Call Up Letter Printing & Camp Date

Update May 18th: The Online printing of callup letters for the 2017 Batch A PCMs has now commenced. If you get a message saying “You will be notified when to print your call-up letter because you are not in stream I” this means you are in stream II. The date of stream II is yet to be announced officially so you will have to be patient.

However if your call up letter is ready, congrats, now you are ready to serve your nation. Good luck.


1. Go to NYSC portal at
2. Login with your registered email and password.

3. Click on ‘Print Call Up Letter’ link to access and print your call-up letter.

The NYSC management has released the Mobilization Timetable for 2017 Batch A prospective corp members.

Below is a screenshot of the timetable;

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How to Verify Your Mobile Number in GHW Xclusive Portal

The Phone Verification Process will commence today, and every member is expected to participate actively to gain Credibility Score (Did you know you can sell your CS for money during GH?   Details coming soon).

The process for verification is simple.
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About Account Migration, Pending & Unmatched GH in Get Help Worldwide Xclusive.

Hello, Fellow GHW Xclusive Participants, I know some of the questions on everyone’s minds are;

1. How can I transfer my information from the previous site to the new site.

2. How can I solve my Pending Unmatched GH and pending Unrematched GH issues?. 
Solution - Currently, only the outstanding matured GH can be migrated to GHW Xclusive. Wait for your PH to mature, Redeem it on the old platform and then it can be migrated.

3. How many Percent Should we PH before we can GH in GHW Xclusive

4.  Will the Accounts blocked on old platform be unblocked after participants move.

5. Will I need to PH before I GH in the new Get help worldwide Xclusive Site.

6. Can i login to the new GHW Xclusive site with my Old Login Details?. Solution - NO!, Old Accounts will not work directly in Xclusive, Please create a new account. 

How to Migrate Successfully to

1.  Visit the New Site  - Click Here.

2. Click Create Account.

3. Fill in your registration details (using same email as your old account) *Use as Referral Email.

4. Click Sign Up.

5. Go to your mail and Activate. (Also Check SPAM Folders)

6. Now Login to your account and click Migration.

7. Click Link Account.

8. Click next and enter  details of your old account.

9. Click next and submit request.

10. Click Link Account, Click Next, Copy the code sent to your email & paste it.

11. Click Next and  all your outstanding GH and PH will appear for you to review.

Please wait for the system message signifying a success or migration failure.

If you have Migrated successfully, you will find your Pending GH under "Receive Help" click on "Outstanding GH"

Click My Account
Click on Change/Set E-pin
Click the Next Button
Enter your pin carefully (DON’T EVER FORGET IT)

How to add Bank Details
Click on Register Bank Account or Register Bitcoin
Click Next
Enter Details carefully
Then Submit

I want to assure everyone that very soon all this questions will be answered by the GHW X admins. In a couple of hours, the admins will display updates on our dashboard regarding the questions above.

While we wait, I advice we keep on participating in the GHW X forum – To Register and Login Click Here
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How to REG & Login GHW Xclusive Forum. Get Instant Support on FAQs

Hello GHW participants, Just as promised, Get Help Worldwide Xclusive platform and a forum has been launched to help assist its members. All members can now register, login and participate in the forum.
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10 Benefits of New GHW Policies on GHW Xclusive Portal

The New GHW Portal is to launch on March 20th  and below are some of the top 10 features of the new Get Help Worldwide Xclusive portal.

1. Enforced Email Validation
This means that each time you PH or GH, an email will be sent to you with a confirmation code which you must then enter on the GHW Xclusive site before your PH or GH is registered. This means that crazy fake people can no longer just PH as shown in the image below;

To see more examples of fake user accounts - Click Here

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What You Must Know About The New GHW Exclusive Platform

We all know that for some weeks now, Get Help Worldwide has been experiencing some issues with PH and GH. Well, according to the update published on members PO, this is due to fraudulent activities by some competitors who have been trying so hard to sabotage the platform. See screenshots below;

Some other problems saboteurs has caused in GHW are;
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Get Official and Latest Guide to the TOEFL Test 4th Edition (Ebook+CD-ROM)

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Hi all, for those of you that have intentions of travelling to English speaking countries like US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and many others  for further studies or employment, you must need to prove that you can communicate well in  English. Your capability to communicate well in English will involve;
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Reminder: Inactive Accounts on MMM will be Automatically Deleted after 3 months.

Just in case you have forgotten, there is a rule in MMM that states that accounts without any active PH or GH order for 3 months will be automatically deleted from the system not Blocked. Blocked account can be re-activated, but deleted accounts are gone forever. Therefore you may need to PH, no matter how small.

Below are some latest update on MMM Nigeria;
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Download: Best of Neymar | Luis Suarez | Messi | Top goals & Dribbling Skills 2017

If you are a Barcelona Fan then this clips of MSN (Messi, Suaraz and Neymar Jr) will surely excite you.  Messi, Neymar and Suarez has been tagged as an unstoppable trio in football. The trio has been known to cause trouble in the heart of the defence of top clubs in Europe.
In this post, I'll be sharing download links to videos highlights of Best Skills, Dribbles, Passes, Tackles and also Individual goals of Messi, Suarez and Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr Skills 2017 - Download 

Neymar Jr Drilling Skills - Download 

Also Read: Best 2016/17 Champions Leagues Playoff  Goals Bale, Di Maria, Walcott, Cristiano Ronaldo, Juan Cuadrado, Hatem Ben Afra, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Continho, Ronaldinho

Download Best of Neymar
Download Messi Clips

Download: El clasico Fights Video Clips(Sergio Ramos, Neymar, Bale)
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Download MILTON Ultimate (Postern) V4 .prx Config | V3 APK

To download Milton Postern V3.1.2 Modded APK – Click Here

To download Milton Ultimate V4 .prx – Click Here

Below are the features of Milton Ultimate;
Open For Facebook Lite and Messenger
Adblock rules
60 Servers
720P youtube
Default APN
No Load Needed 
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