Sign up: Join the Best Zarfund Team and Earn Millions using Bitcoins

To start making money online with Zarfund is easy. I'm going to break it down in steps so you can understand;

Register on Zarfund > Open Bitcon Wallet > Fund Wallet > Make Zarfund Donation.

Note: You can skip step 2 & 3 if you already have/operate a Bitcoin account.

Step 1: To Register on Zarfund & Start getting free Bitcoins - Click Here (Zarfund Nigeria Whatsapp Group).

Zarfund is a peer - peer donation platform where members give and receive bitcoins. These bitcoins are digital currencies and are accepted worldwide. The current price of 1 bitcoin = $760.

Zarfund uses a Multi-level marketing (MLM) type of system and there are NO Central Accounts. Also no Admins are needed in Zarfund. The system is very secure. The best part about investing with Zarfund is members don't have to wait for 30 or 90 days, you can withdraw your profit from your bit coin wallet anytime you want.

Similar to other online donation platforms like MMM - Nigeria etc, Zarfund operates using members downlines and uplines. A referral system is used to ensure progress amongst members. However, Zarfund is unique because members work together as a Team and make one another grow until a new level is reached
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Scam Alert - Fraudsters are Hacking MMM Accounts - Read This

Hello, Are you aware that several MMM participants have received emails and SMS that claim to be from MMM Nigeria demanding their logging details to MMM Personal office?, This mails have been circulating for days. I want to warn all participants to be careful. The mails says this is due to a database upgrade on MMM.

Below is a screenshot of the message;
I'll like to advised you to disregard this emails or text messages because they are false. MMM - Nigeria wouldn't ask you for your login details for any reason. All issues related to your account are handled via support which is located in your MMM Account. 

Another form of internet hack used by these fraudster is 'Phishing'. This malicious method redirect the victim to a clone website where all their details will be stolen. This is done by sending mails to members directing them to click on the original site " " which later redirect to a fake and clone website Note that the letter 'o' has been replaced with '0'(zero). Therefore do not click any suspicious links in your mail or anywhere online. 

Be warned!

For the beginners that are interested in MMM Nigeria, Start Investing with MMM today. To Begin Sign up HERE

Long Live MMM - Nigeria

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Life Expectancy for Stage 3 Mesothelioma Cancer

On average, the life expectancy for stage 3 mesothelioma cancer patients is around 16 months. Nevertheless, life expectancy of any mesothelioma cancer patient is largely dependent on individual diagnosis specifics. These include the cell type, cancer location, age, gender, and the overall health of the patient.

Stage 3 mesothelioma cancer defined
At stage 3 of mesothelioma cancer, the disease has already spread to the nearby organs, tissues and, possibly even the lymph nodes. In most cases, mesothelioma cancer is diagnosed at this stage. At this time, mesothelioma cancer is considered in one of its advanced stages.

Stage 3 mesothelioma cancer prognosis
Prognosis for stage 3 mesothelioma is dependent on the response of a patient to treatment as well as the extent to which lymph nodes are involved. In most cases, stage 3 mesothelioma has a grim prognosis. Although it is possible to have the primary tumor removed, the surrounding areas have already been affected by the cancerous cells. This means that it is possible but less likely for remission to occur.

In most stage 3 mesothelioma cancer patients, tumors are found all over the lungs lining and in the chest cavity of one side. The heart lining and diaphragm as well as the surrounding fatty tissue and the chest wall may also be affected. Cancer cells may have also spread to the lymph nodes that are close to the primary tumor. However, the opposite lungs lining, lymph nodes and other body organs may not have cancer cells.

Detection of stage 3 mesothelioma cancer
Doctors employ imaging tests to detect the spread of mesothelioma. These include PET/CT scans and MRIs. These tests show the location and size of the primary tumor. They also display body locations where this cancer may have spread to.

Symptoms of stage 3 mesothelioma cancer
It is possible to mistake stage 3 mesothelioma symptoms for an infection of the lung such as pneumonia or bronchitis, this actually happens quite often.
Common symptoms of mesothelioma cancer at this stage include:
·        Chest tightness
·        Chest pain
·        Dry coughs
·        Shortness of breath
·        Weight loss
·        Fever

These symptoms vary among patients depending on how mesothelioma cancer spreads. Typically, these symptoms are caused by the growth of a tumor on the chest cavity and lung lining.

Prolonging the life expectancy for stage 3 mesothelioma cancer patients

At stage 3, the tumors are considered advanced locally. However, it is possible to extend a patient’s life expectancy by undergoing a surgical removal. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are further used to eliminate cancer cells from the body after undergoing a surgical removal. In most cases, a treatment plan that includes curative surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy has led to an extended life expectancy for patients with stage 3 mesothelioma. 

Multimodal therapy is a recommended way of prolonging the life expectancy for stage 3 mesothelioma cancer patients. However, it can only be used in patients who are in good health and will be able to withstand these aggressive treatment methods.

Additionally, overall health and lifestyle choices can prolong the life expectancy of a stage 3 mesothelioma cancer patient. Gentle exercises, healthy diets, and quitting smoking are just a few of the ways that those diagnosed with stage 3 mesothelioma can extend their life expectancy and improve their prognosis.


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Before YOU Register & Invest on Read This

For some days now MMM West Africa has been trending. The Ponzi Scheme which claims to offer investors a 50% return on investment (ROI) after 30days might be VERY risky.

its quite similar to MMM Nigeria which has proven to be very successful. MMM - Nigeria currently has over 1.6 million participants and that number is still going. MMM Nigeria has helped millions of Nigerians achieve their dreams in this economic recession.

According to my research MMM West Africa might be a competition to MMM Nigeria because it offers a higher Return on Investment(50% profit)and also operates in NairaRemember, for a ponzi scheme to be successful, it needs lots of investors. So what happens if it fails to attract as many investors as MMM Nigeria. Your guess is as good as mine. 

A twitter handle which claims to be the official twitter account of MMM Nigeria, released a disclaimer notice saying it is NOT in any way affiliated to MMM West Africa & other Ponzi Schemes such as MMM United, iCharty, GetHelp, Zarfund, Ultimate Cycler etc. Nigerians are hereby advised to be very careful investing with these Ponzi Schemes.

In my own opinion, this is one Ponzi scheme I would think twice before investing on. Why don't we just stick with the one that has proven to be sucessful for over a year now and countingSo be wise.

I also want to use this opportunity to remind all MMM Nigeria participants to invest wisely with ONLY their spare cash and not their entire savings.

For the beginners that are interested in MMM Nigeria, Start Investing with MMM today. To Begin Sign up HERE

Long Live MMM - Nigeria
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Step to Report & Solve Fake Proof of Payment in MMM - Nigeria

Its a shame that some people will try to tarnish the image of such a wonderful donation-exchange community by doing fraudulent activities such as uploading a false proof of payment(POP). The issue of Fake Proof of Payment in MMM Nigeria is becoming very rampant.

Therefore In this post, I'm going to provide a solution to the problem of Fake Proof of Payment (POP) in MMM Nigeria.

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Track 4 Satelites & Watch 150 FTA Channels with Strong SRT D60M.

Good news with the new Strong SRT D60M viewers in Sub-Saharan African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Benin etc can now watch over 150 subscription-free(FTA) satellite TV channels with just a single 60cm parabolic dish.

This is quite similar to the SRT D85W that offers over 140 FTA channels using 5 LNBFs Clamp holders, Widebeam Antenna of 85cm and is also using a Wall & Terrace Mounting.

In this post, I'll be answer some frequently asked question on installation.
What are the requirement to set up Free-to-air viewing?
To begin you'll need the following;
1. SRT D60M + 4 LNBs
2. DiSeqc Switch SRT 4X1
3. STRONG Compliant Receiver

How many satelites can I track using Strong SRT D60M?
On SRT D60M, You can track FTA channels on the following satelites
1. Eutelsat 36B - 35.9 degrees East
2. Astra 2F - 28 degree East
3. Eutelsat 16A - 16 degree East
4. Eutelsat 7A - 7 degree East

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Code to Double Your Airtel Data & Increase your Subscription

Airtel is giving back to its subscribers this season with a new promo that let's you DOUBLE Your Data by dialing your preferred USSD code. The service is called Airtel Double Data and it offers airtel users 3GB for N1000, 7GB for N2000 and 18GB for N4000.

However to use this service, you must be eligible. Subscribers that were selected to use this service will be noticed by Airtel via SMS.

To Double your Data on Airtel, use the Code Below;
- To get 3GB for N1000 dial *496#
- To get 7GB for N2000 dial *437#
- To get 18GB for N4000 dial *438*1#.

Note that the plan is valid for 30 days.
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Download New GSKY V6 | V7 Software - Get More Auto-Roll Space & More

The latest GSKY V6 & V7 HD satellite receiver software for (Global Africa/Asia/Europe) version 20161101 has new an improved features that will definitely improve viewing by allowing more auto-roll key injection space. Some of the feature of the new GSKY V5, V6 & V7 software are;

- The update adds more Tandberg Key
- Support Tandberg program patch.
- Update to the latest powerVu algorithm for several channels.

Download and Upgrade your Digital Satellite Box using the Software Update versions below;
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All Nigeria Bank Codes to Buy Airtime from Account via Mobile Phone

Have you ever wanted to buy MTN, Airtel, Glo or Etisalat airtime credit from your bank but just can’t remember the short code?!, Well in this post I’ll be listing some very useful short codes that can be used to purchase airtime from any Nigeria Bank using your mobile phone. The service has proven to be very helpful and can be done by dialing the USSD Short codes on your mobile phone.

Also because of the new interest rate introduced by GSM network when you borrow airtime, this option is now the most preferred method to purchase airtime.

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Affordable & Reputable Welding Services in LAGOS, EDO, ONDO, ABUJA

Sponsored Post:






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Solution to Wrong Date of Birth, Name Error etc - NYSC 2016 (Batch B)

The 2016 NYSC Batch B registration commenced last month, however they have been several complains by PCMs about Wrong Date of Birth and Errors in Names of Prospective Corp Members. The NYSC has addressed these problem using their social media account and I'll be explaining some problems in this post.

How to Fix Wrong Date of Birth during NYSC Reg.
According to NYSC, All PCMs that have date of birth issue are to complete the online registration before their application for correction can be treated.

Only applications with WAEC, WAEC Result Verification Pin, School biodata & 1st School Leaving Certificate will be treated for date of birth correction. Date of birth correction is subject to verification of WAEC result submitted using the WAEC Result Verification Pin attached and NOT Scratch card.

The WAEC Result Verification PIN can be purchase at any First Bank Branch for N300.00 (Three hundred naira) only. Note that its not the same as result checker or WAEC Scratch card.

PCMs are to note that only WAEC Result can be used for verification because it contains candidate's date of birth and NECO does NOT.

How to Fix Error in Name.

PCMs with errors in their names can login to their respective dashboard to apply online. They can also apply in writing in camp. The process is quite easy.
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6th.Nov.2016: Download EPL Highlights: Liverpool Vs Watford 6-1 | All Goals

Sadio Mane, Philippe Coutinho, Emre Can, Roberto Firmino and Georginio Wijnaldum all had thier names on the score sheet as liverpool thrashed Watford 6 - 1 at Anfield to top the EPL table. 
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5th.Nov.2016: Download EPL Highlights: Chelsea 5 – 0 Everton | All Goals

Chelsea thrashed and dominated Everton at Stamford Bridge by defeating the visitors 5 - 0. This victory now puts the blues at the top of the EPL table after Man City were held by Middlesbrough. Eden Hazard, Pedro and Diego Costa also got their names on the score sheet.

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How to Fix “Account Under TEMPORARY MORATORIUM” on MMM.

MMM is currently flourishing in the following countries; South Africa, United Kingdom, Lesotho, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, United States, China, Singapore, Australia, Nigeria, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Canada, Japan. However due to improper use, some members may occasionally have their accounts blocked or put on hold (MORATORIUM).

In this post, I’ll be sharing tips on how to unlock your MMM account and how to fix MORATORIUM.
This problem is very common and can take 15 to 30 days to be resolved. During Moratorium a participant will experience delay in Getting Help. This can be caused by doing the following;
- Change of password
- Editing your banking details
- Deleting your banking details
- Any form of deleting or replacing your personal details.

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Code to Borrow Data(MB) from Glo | 200% Bonus | 11k/s & More

Glo recently introduced some new and exciting services to its subscribers. These services are;
  • Glo Borrow Me Data
  • Double Free Tomorrow
  • Gbam Plus 11k/s For All
  • IDD Packs.

Below are full instructions on how to activate the services listed above.

Glo Borrow Me Data - this service allows Glo subcribe request for data credit and pay later on their next recharge. Subscribers can borrow up to 2GB of data on Glo Borrow me Data. The offer includes how long a customer has been on the network and the average monthly data usage. To borrow data on Glo dial *321# and follow the instruction.

Double Free Tomorrow
This service reward glo subscribers 200% bonus of the amount spent on Calls, SMS and data. This bonus can then the used the next day. So when you spend more today, you get to enjoy even more tommorow.  To enjoy the service, subscribers need to dial *300#.

Gbam Plus 11k/s For All
If you're looking for cheap call rate for making international and local calls, then try out Glo Gbam. The service offer 11k/s to calls made to up 30 top destinations. To activate Glo Gbam Plus dial *211#. The service has a N5 daily access fee.

IDD Packs - Just Gbam plus, this plan is design for to offer affordable rate to 30 major international destinations like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, India, China and Japan for as low as N6.60 per minute. There is IDD N100, N200, N500 and N1000.

IDD 100 - this offer 12mins of call and is valid for 3days
IDD 200 - this offer 24mins of call and is valid for 7days
IDD 500 - this offer 60mins of call and is valid for 14days
IDD 1000 - this offer 150 mins of call and is valid for 30days

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