Factors and Guidelines for NYSC Redeployment/Relocation

The NYSC management can grant a corp members redeployment request under the following conditions;

1. Marriage – This applies to ladies who are married. However all required document must be provided before Relocation request can be approved. The document need are;
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MMM Nigeria Begins with Payment of 2017 Mavros without Restrictions

Good news, testing on the new model is almost complete and has now been partially implemented. Pairing and Payment on MMM Nigeria has commenced but unfortunately only participants who provided help in 2017 are eligible for payments. This is temporary, soon all mavros will be released and unlimited for all participants to withdraw.

MMM Nigeria has once again assured members that the system is back and better. They have also asked that each participant create a PH request and also promote the scheme through any means possible in order to sustain the growth of the community. #LongLiveMMM😯 

So what do you think?
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Code to Activate Glo Twin Bash & Get 200% Data & Airtime Bonus

Glo has introduced a service called Glo Twin Bash. This service gives subscribers 200% Data and Airtime bonus on your initial recharge.

For instance, On Glo Twin Bash, a N200 recharge will give you 200MB data, N200 airtime credit which can be used to call and text, and N200 airtime to call 10 family and friends numbers. This is valid for 4 days.

While the bonus you get when you recharge with N500, N1000 and N2000 airtime credit will last for 10, 15 and 30days respectively.

How to subscribe to Glo Twin Bash.
To subscribe, simply recharge using *223*PIN#.

To confirm your data balance 'Text INFO to 127 or Dial *127*0#' and to check other bonuses 'Dial #122#

Note that terms and conditions apply.

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Is Get Help Worldwide the Most Reliable Ponzi Scheme in Nigeria?

Nigerians have seen various ponzi schemes come and go but very few have proven to be very successful and Get Help Worldwide is one them. This mutual financial aid community has been keeping to its promise by paying investors in 30days (30% ROI when they invest in Naira and 50% interest when they provide help in bitcoins).

GetHelpWorldwide has indeed been a blessing to many Nigerians in this recession. In this post, I'm going to be sharing some conditions members must be aware of in GetHelpWorldwide.

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How to Register & Invest on ThriftOnWeb.com or Surepay & Double Profit

Hello, I will like to introduce you to some high-yield investment program (HYIP) that are very hot at the moment. Before I begin, I'll like to advise that you invest with only your spare money because these type of ponzi schemes are very risky.

ThriftOnWeb and Surepay donation platform has been trending online in Nigeria for some days now. This is because some beginners cashed out huge amount of money on the platform and decide to spread the word. In this post, I will be sharing the little I know about ThriftOnWeb and Surepay so interested investors can know about these HYIP.
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MySureCash.com, LuvWealth.com.ng & Cash Blaze is Paying Fast – Register & Login Now

There are now some new online donation platforms I will like to introduce you to. According to reports, this site has been very reliable and are paying out instantly with no hassles. They are LuvWealth, MySureCash and Cash Blaze.
Below is a brief summary of how you can make money online using these Ponzi scheme websites.
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Register on www.paydoublers.com. – Get 100% in 7 days or Less (No Stories)

PayDoublers is a new online donation exchange platform aimed at only Nigerians. The platforms is helping both poor and average Nigerians make BIG profit from their investments. Paydoublers pays 100% in less than 7 days. They have been so many testimonies about Paydoublers.

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MMM Japan Still Paying, Register & Login - See Benefits

As MMM Nigeria, which was considered as the best ponzi scheme, is yet to fully commence operations after its pause in December. Therefore participants are now seeking for the best alternatives to MMM Nigeria which offered its members 30% in 30days.

Although there are several other donations exchange platforms that offer higher incentives such as Digital Portal Club which offers 100% profit in just 8days.

However in this post, I'll be explaining MMM Japan and how it works. MMM Japan is fast becoming very popular globally. The Ponzi scheme offers members 30% return on investment in just 9 days.

Some Benefits of MMM Japan
Pays 30% in 9days
Active Members get 10% referal bonus and 5 guiders bonus
24 hour Support service
Esay to use User Interface
Quick Matching for GH orders

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Before You Register and Login on ExEarn.net. Read this

What is ExEarn.net and how does it work?
ExEarn.net is an online donation platform that helps members achieve financial freedom by providing help to one another.

ExEarn is quite similar to GreenSpeer, Zarfund, Ultimate Cycler and others because it uses a MLM scheme to ensure each member benefits from the system. After registration on Exearn.net the system will automatically match you to pay an upline N4000. Then in return, the system will also automatically provide two people to pay you N4000 each, making N8000.

You will now be eligible to upgrade to the next level. Below are they levels on ExEarn and the profits you can earn.

LEVEL 1: 2 * N4,000 = N8,000
LEVEL 2: 4 * N4,000 = N16,000
LEVEL 3: 8 * N4,000 = N32,000
LEVEL 4: 16 * N4,000 = N64,000
LEVEL 5: 32 * N4,000 = N128,000

Can I get referral bonus?
Yes, you get a $1 bonus for every successful referral.

How can I register and start making money on ExEarn?
To register and ExEarn account – Login to the website – HERE
After registration, You’ll need to enter a valid payment option (Bank Details)

In case I have issues, how can I contact ExEarn Support?

Send a mail to hello@exearn.net or contact them from your account.
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MyMegacycler.com claims to grow your N2000 to Millions – See How

MegaCycler is an online donation - exchange platform that uses an MLM(Multi-Level Marketing) system which is similar to Zarfund, Ultimate Cycler and others. In this method, you must work under a team to grow fast and make profit. Most people find this method frustrating because of their inability to get downlines. Well, that’s where team work comes in and also the profit is very encouraging.

How does MegaCyler Works
In this type of Matrix system MegaCycler uses, A new member makes a N2000 payment to an upline. This initial payment is regarded as the Level 1 upgrade fee.
Now in return, 4 of your referrals will pay you N2000 each making N8000.

Level 2 (Silver): This level has an Upgrade Fee of N5000. Which will be paid to your Upline. In return, 16 of your downlines will now pay you N5000 each. You now earn N80,000.
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How to Register on MegaCycler, ExEarn & Donation Hub Login Website

Due to the success and popularity of MMM Nigeria in 2016, we have witnessed the raise of many other ponzi schemes and MLM platform. These peer to peer donation exchange platform has proven to favor many individuals who invest early and has also failed some members who were introduced to the scheme later on.

The truth is this form of investment is very risky, which is why all participants are advised to invest wisely with their spare money only. In this post, I'm going to discuss about 3 new online donation platform that are fast becoming popular in Nigeria and how they work.

They are;
Mega Cycler
Donation Hub.

This is similar to Ultimate Cycler and Pay Cycler because they use an MLM scheme to function. To Learn About how to Make Money Online on www.MegaCycler.com - Click HERE

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What You Should Know About Facebook Security

As of January 2017, Facebook has almost 1.8 billion active users worldwide. What’s more, according to statistics compiled by the digital marketing firm Zephora, around 1.2 billion people log onto the social media platform every day.

Those are a lot of potential victims.

You’ve probably heard stories about people’s accounts getting hacked. But you’re probably one of those people who think that this won’t ever happen to them. Chances of this happening are basically non-existent, right? Well dear reader, you cannot be more wrong.

Accounts Get Hacked Every Day

According to the New York Post, around 160,000 Facebook accounts are being hacked on a daily basis, and every time Facebook updates their terms of service – they loosen up the privacy settings. And we have to point out that these statistics date to 2015.
That just means that the situation is probably much worse at this point.
Essentially, the aim of this article is to help you reinforce your Facebook security and stop hackers and other cybercriminals from ruining your day (or in a worst case scenario, extort money from your). But first, we have to look at some things you might be doing wrong.

You Need Some Facebook Security Tips?

There are lots of things you are probably doing wrong from the get go. Many users tend to use simply user-names and passwords, which only heightens the risk of a hack. But you could avoid any potential mess, if you just take a couple of minutes to educate yourself on Facebook security.

·        Complex Passwords

If your pass has less than 10 character, numbers, plus lower-case and upper-case letters, it’s definitely not strong. Also, you should avoid using names, birthdays or information about someone close to you. For instance a strong password would be something like “B1i2k3e!”

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Download MP3: Mo Gevson - Mad Over You (Runtown Cover)

That amazing tune from Runtown (Mad Over You ) has been remade by your favorite boy Mo Gevson. Kindly Download via the link below, enjoy it, share and please note that your sincere comments will be appreciated.

Mo Gevson - Mad Over You(Cover) - Download



Contact Sammie-08032022689 samimoke@horsesentertainment.com
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Get ALL Latest NYSC 2017/18 News [Call Up, Passing Out Parade, Mobilization ]

17th February - Latest News on 2016 Batch B (Stream 2) PCMs Posted to Borno

All BORNO 2016 Batch "B' Stream II PCMs should note that orientation started on the 16th of February @ NYSC Jigawa Camp, Opposite Army Barrack Fanisua, Dutse LGA. All Stream II BORNO PCMs are hereby advised to report to camp for registration.

NB: Camp Registration has been extended till 12 midnight, Sunday 19th Feb

POP(Passing Out Parade) dates for 2016 Batch A (Stream 1 & 2)
The official date will be published on NYSC Website Very Soon

Update on False Registration Date for 2017 NYSC Batch A

The NYSC Management has cautioned all prospective 2017 Batch A Corps members to disregard any information stating the commencing of registration for 2017 NYSC Batch A in the month of February. This information is was not issued by NYSC. The Management will unveil the 2017 Mobilization Timetable via their official social media channels.
i. www.nysc.gov.ng
ii. www.facebook.com/officialnysc
iii. www.twitter.com/nysc_ng

Latest News on 2016 Batch B (Stream 2) PCMs Posted to Borno.

The orientation exercise for all PCMs that where posted to Borno state has been postponed to 16th of February 2017. The NYSC Management will inform PCMs on when to print their NYSC Callup Letter.

Good News: PCMs for 2016 BATCH 'B' (STREAM II) REG Starts 24th January

The NYSC management has just confirmed that the prospective corps members for the 2016 BATCH 'B' (STREAM II) will commence their orientation on the 24th of January 2017.
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Complete Review of GethelpWorldwide.com | How it Works - Registration & Login Guide

Hello, have you heard of Get Help Worldwide, it's a global mutual financial aid platform that is currently trending in Nigeria and other countries. GHW offers investors the chance to earn 30% (if you provide help in local currency) or 50% (if you provide help in Bitcoin) return on investment (ROI) in 30days. 


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