Where to Sell iTunes, Amazon Gift Card – Convert to Nigeria Naira Instantly



Do you want to sell iTunes card, sell amazon gift card or any other gift card for naira at good rates but don’t know how or where to begin?

You are in luck, this article explores the best site you can sell your gift cards to in Nigeria at the best rate possible. Before, we proceed, you have to be wondering what the characteristics of the best platform to trade iTunes card in Nigeria are, right?


Characteristics of Reliable Gift Card Trading Platform

Outlined below are some things that are expected of the best platform to sell iTunes Card in Nigeria;



  • Trustworthiness
  • Great rate
  • Easy and Comfortable transaction
  • Flexible payment option
  • Prompt Response

These are the most important traits of the best site to sell iTunes card for naira.


Where to Sell iTunes, Amazon Gift Card in Nigeria

IGC Trader is an online gift cards trading platform where you can sell your iTunes, amazon, steam, googleplay and other gift cards in Nigeria.

Because they are Direct iTunes gift card loaders in Nigeria, there would be no need to go through any middleman service. That means, you’ll be selling your itunes gift card at the best possible rate.

Furthermore, the service offered by IGC Trader extends beyond buying iTunes gift card. As the biggest platform to sell iTunes card in Nigeria, they buy other gift cards as well.



Other Brands of Gift Cards That Can be Solds in Nigeria on IGC Trader

Here is the first thing you need to know about this trading platform, you can sell any denomination of your iTunes card. From as little as $50 to as much as $200, you can exchange your iTunes gift card for cash easily on IGC Trader.


That’s not all, all major currencies are accepted on this platform as well. It doesn’t matter if it’s AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP or USD, this is the ideal platform to sell iTunes gift card. Aside from iTunes card, you can also sell;


Sell Steam Gift Cards in Nigeria

You don’t need any receipt to sell your Steam Gift Card for naira on this platform. Also, currencies of any denomination from major countries are accepted,


Converting Amazon Gift Cards to Naira

This is one of the biggest gift card trading platforms in Nigeria where you can sell your Cash, Debit, or Credit receipt Amazon gift card. You don’t have a receipt? No problem. With IGC Trader, you’ll still receive instant cash for your Amazon Gift Card.


Sell and Convert Googleplay Gift Cards to Nigerian Naira

Got any google play store gift card you are not using? Sell it for cash on Igctrader. You don’t need any receipt. They also accept ecodes, just in case you got no card picture.

Other brands of gift card that you can sell to IGC Trader include;

Target gift card, nordstrom gift card, and Walmart gift card.


Price Value of Gift Cards in Nigeria

Remember that before you consider selling your Gift cards in Nigeria, it is wise to ask yourself these questions;

how much is $100 itunes card in nigeria

how much is $25 itunes card to naira

how much is $100 itunes card in naira

how much is 100$ itunes card in naira

how much is 50$ itunes card in naira

After you are certain of the worth of Gift cards, you can now proceed to converting your Gift cards to Naira.


Why IGCTrader is the Best Platform to Sell iTunes Card in Nigeria

The service offered by this platform is simple, to unlock the value held by unredeemed gift cards, including iTunes’.

However, the nature of the business involves a high degree of trust. As such, you can’t trust your gift card with just any online vendor.

As the one of the largest online gift card trading platforms, IGCTrader offers you a simple and convenient way to convert your iTunes card into cash.

In addition to this, you’ll receive the highest value for your iTunes card. Why does IGC Trader offer the best rate, you ask?

The answer can be summarized into two reasons;

  • No middleman
  • Large customer base

The fact that you’re skipping a middle man means you’re not incurring additional payment in commission. Also, the large customer base ensures that the platform doesn’t offer a bad rate to increase price margin and profit.


Perhaps the best thing about IGC Trader is the speed of their transactions. We are talking about the fastest payment in the business, including an instant payment option in Naira and Bitcoin.




There is one last important question, you want to know how to sell iTunes card on IGC Trader. Relax, we’re getting there.


How to Sell iTunes Gift Card in Nigeria

The steps involved in selling your iTunes Card on IGC trader can be summarized into five. They are;

  1. Visit www.igctrader.com
  2. Confirm IGC Trader’s rate
  3. Make Contact
  4. Send Gift Card
  5. Receive payment


Yes, it is that simple. Please note that your card has to be verified before you’ll receive payment. But, it’ll only take five minutes.


On a Final Note

There are many platforms that’ll offer to give you cash for your iTunes and amazon gift card in Nigeria. You’ll receive a poor rate and bad service from some, if you are lucky.

Otherwise, there are scammers out there that won’t pay a dime for your gift card. You need to be extremely careful, constant vigilance is the keyword.

However, you can avoid all that stress by simply using the best site to sell iTunes card and sell amazon gift card in Nigeria, IGCTrader. They offer a reliable service, a great rate and a fast transaction. What more could you possibly ask for?.

Website: IGCTrader.com

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