Can a Student in SS1 or SS2 write O’Level exams and JAMB UTME?

“Can Students in SS1 or SS2 Write NECO, WAEC and JAMB exam?”. Many secondary school students in SS1 and SS2 often find it difficult in making this decision. Here I will give my opinion on this to assist secondary students in making a decision.

Can Students in SS1 or SS2 Write NECO, WAEC or JAMB

JAMB and most secondary schools discourages SS1 and SS2 students from writing UTME and O’level exams(Waec and Neco), but in my opinion I feel this should be reviewed again and students who are of age should be allowed to write these external exams.

I believe success come from experience, therefore getting familiar with O’level and JAMB standard questions early is good for an SS1 or SS2 student. Writing external exams such NECO, WAEC or JAMB UTME from SS1 or SS2 will surely get a student prepared for these exams at an early stage.

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Writing external exams in SS1 or SS2 helps the student understand the standard of questions in external exams and will increase their academic performance generally.





Often most ss1 or ss2 students who write UTME and O’level exams(Waec and Neco) pass with good grades because they are still academically sound. And in cases where the student fail atleast they now have the experience of these exams and this will increased their chances of passing next time.


Benefits of Writing O’level and JAMB UTME in SS1 or SS2

  • You are still very sound academically.
  • Passing O’level in one sitting is an advantage when in gaining admission into higher institutions.
  • The experience will prepare you for WAEC, NECO and JAMB Questions.
  • If you are successful in all exams you can get admitted to a higher institution at a young age which is a good way to start.
  • Passing all exams will proud you are intelligent and people will be proud of you.
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I hope this post will assist you in deciding if you can write WAEC, NECO and JAMB in SS1 or SS2. Good luck!

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