Checkout Some Countries Nigerians Can Visit Without a VISA

Did you know that as a Nigerian citizen there are various countries you can travel to Visa Free or Visa on Arrival? Although some of these countries only permit you to stay for a limited time but some allow Nigerian Passport holders to reside in their country for as long as they like.

So if you planning on schooling, doing business or taking a vacation, you may find this information helpful.






  • VISA FREE AFRICAN COUNTRIES For Nigerian Passport Holders

Benin Republic (visa free)
Burkina Faso (visa Free)
Burundi (visa on arrival for 30days)
Cape Verde (visa on arrival )
Cameroon (visa free)
Chad (visa free )
Comoros Island(visa on arrival )
Cote d Ivoire (visa free)
Djibouti (visa on arrival)
Gambia visa free for 90days)
Ghana (visa free)
Guinea (visa free)
Guinea Bissau visa free for 90days)
Kenya (visa on arrival for 90days)
Liberia (visa free)
Madagascar visa on arrival for 90days)
Maldives(visa on arrival for 30days)
Mali visa free)
Mauritania(visa on arrival)
Mauritius(visa free for 90days)
Mozambique(visa free for 30days
Niger republic (visa free)
Senegal (visa free)
Seychelles(visitors permit on arrival for 1month)
Sierra Leone (visa free)
Somalia (visa on arrival)
Tanzania(visa on arrival)
Togo (Visa free)
Uganda(visa on arrival)
  • Visa Free AMERICAN COUNTRIES For Nigerian Passport Holders

Barbados (visa free for 6months)
Dominica(visa free for 21days)
Haiti(visa free for 3months )

  • Visa Free ASIAN COUNTRIES For Nigerian Passport Holders

Iran (visa on arrival)
Sri Lanka(electronic travel authorization)
Timor-lest e(visa on arrival for 30days)
Bangladesh(visa on arrival)
  • Visa Free OCEANIAN COUNTRIES For Nigerian Passport Holders

Micronesia visa free for 30days
Nauru (visa on arrival)
Vanuatu (visa free for 30days)
Palau (visa on arrival for 90days)
Tuvalu(visa on arrival for 30days)
Samoa(entry permit on arrival for 60days)
Fiji(visa free for 4 months)

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