Best Unlimited 4G LTE Data Plans in Nigeria – 2019

The number of internet users in Nigeria is rapidly increasing leading to a high demand for unlimited data plans. Therefore various internet service providers in Nigeria now offer unlimited internet data bundles.


With an unlimited data plan, you can download and stream your favorite songs, TV shows, movies or play video games online all on a single internet subscription. Therefore with the increasing usage of social media, online gaming and streaming platforms, many internet users in Nigeria now opt for an unlimited data plan from their ISP.

This post will list out the best and most affordable unlimited 4G LTE internet plans in Nigeria and some benefits of subscribing to an unlimited internet data plan.



Benefits of Unlimited Internet Data Plans in Nigeria

  • Reliable Speed

You are guaranteed of surfing the internet at very high speed. The minimum download speed for an unlimited data plan is 512Kbps.

  • No Data Cap.

Fair usage policies usually applies when your usage exceed a certain amount of data, however this doesn’t apply to some of the ISPs listed below, thereby given customers the ability to stream and download without any restrictions.

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  • Bonus

Most ISPs offer bonuses to subscribers who are on an unlimited plan. Some of the bonuses included in an unlimited plan are;
1. Free browsing at night. The free browsing starts from 1am – 7am for most ISPs.

2. No Fair usage policies and Data Cap.

3. Free browsing during the weekend. This is mostly giving to eligible customers.

4. Free browsing for a month or 2 when you subscribe for a longer duration

5. Price Slash during Promos.

  • Multiple Users

Multiple users can connect their internet enabled devices at home or office to the router using a single connection at no extra cost.

  • 24 x 7 Availability

You can surf the net when ever you wish. The data is available for use all day for customers on an unlimited internet plan.

  • Money Back Guaranteed

Customers on an unlimited internet plan can be given refunds or compensated by the ISP if the service is poor and fluctuate due to the coverage area.


Best Unlimited Internet Data Plans in Nigeria and their Prices

Here you will get a list of the cheapest and reliable unlimited internet data plans from various ISPs in Nigeria.

Unlimited Data Plan for Swift 4G LTE

There are 3 unlimited data plans for Swift 4G LTE which cost N19,500, N30,000 and N40,000. Each plans works 24 x 7 and is valid for 30 days. To activate any Swift 4G LTE data plan, you need to acquire the devices or SIM depending on your selected package.

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NTEL Unlimited Data Plan

NTEL is Nigeria’s most advanced 4G/LTE mobile broadband network. NTEL has several data plans which customers can choose from. Below are some of the most popular NTEL data plans and their prices;

  • Unlimited U-Daily – 1500 – Valid for 2days
  • Unlimited Weekly U-Weekly – 5000 – Valid for 7days
  • Unlimited Night classic – N5000 – Valid for 30days

To get a full list of available NTel unlimited internet data plan, visit the NTEL Nigeria website.

Unlimited Data Plan for Spectranet

Spectranet has an awesome unlimited data plan that also comes with bonus data and free unlimited night browsing between 1am – 7am. Note that a data cap exist on this plan to ensure fair usage policy. Spectranet Gold unlimited plan is N18,000/month and it works perfectly in Lagos and Ibadan and Abuja.

Unlimited Data Plan for Smile

Smile has two affordable and unlimited packages which customers can choose from. There are;

  • Unlimited Lite Monthly which cost N10,000
  • Unlimited Premium Plan which cost N19,800

To activate these plans, customers must first register with Smile to get an account and SIM. Also note that all plans come with the fair usage policy.

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Smile 4G LTE plan work perfectly in various locations in Nigeria such as Lagos, Abuja, Benin City, Asaba, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Onitsha, Ibadan and their coverage area expanding to other cities.

Unlimited Data Plan for Tizeti (

Tizeti ( offers unlimited high-speed internet data on a monthly, biannually or yearly basis.

  • Tizeti Residential – N9500 valid for a month
  • Tizeti Residential Pro – N57,000 valid for 6 months(Plus 1 month free)
  • Tizeti Residential Yearly – N114,000 valid for a year (Plus 2 months free)

All plans require a one-time installation fee of 35,000.

Unlimited Data Plan for Airtel, MTN, Glo, 9mobile

There are daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly internet data plan on various GSM networks in Nigeria. This gives customer the ability to choose their preferred internet data plan.

Many people often ask for unlimited data plans on GSM networks like Airtel, MTN, Glo, 9mobile. But unfortunately data plans on GSM mobile networks are all capped. The prices of the monthly data plans on GSM networks are categories according to data allocated to each plan.


These are the best and most affordable unlimited 4G LTE internet plans in Nigeria. To subscribe to any of these plan visit any customer care center of your preferred ISP and follow the registration process. This involves payment and providing a valid ID.

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