TSTV is Back: New Frequency to Track TSTV on NIGCOMSAT

TSTV, The Nigerian Paytv Cable Provider went off air for while but now they are back and better and can be watched via NIGCOMSAT satellite using a new Frequency and Symbol rate which will be provided in this post. Below is the official statement from TSTV which also contains satellite and Frequency settings that can be used to watch TSTV on your decoder.


Update 25th October 2018

TSTV Receive Frequencies
GlintSat at 51.5°E
Frequencies 11130 and 11170
Polarization: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 30,000

All channels still free until November when TSTV begins encryption of its channels and commercial sales nationwide.

If only Nigerians know the kinds of fights TSTV has gone thru and survived. What is important is that we are still standing and we have learnt strong lessons and we are stronger by the day. We will never fail even if we delayed.

We will make that difference.






Offical TSTV Statement


Dear Nigerians,

I sincerely appreciate all your concerns and prayers for our darling TSTV. From the date we announced TSTV, it has been fight all the way. I doubt if a week passed without us quenching one fire or the other. We didn’t anticipate that there would be war. We were also not trained to fight in the arena we were pushed into. The kinds of weapons our enemies would later contend us with, showed they had stocked their armoury waiting for a time like now. We may not have their kind of money, neither their kinds of weapons, ”connections” and networks but one thing I sure know we had more than them was a determined spirit and a steadfast God. A God who doesn’t fail.


It has not been easy one bit. Our struggles drained us financially and pitched us against all good meaning Nigerians, subscribers and dealers that believed in us. We were wrestled even down to our satellite providers but our God is ever faithful.


More Official Statement

Today 20th of August, 2018, I am happy to inform Nigerians that TSTV is back live and direct but this time under the watch of Abba Father. With our successful acquisition of FIVE units of 35.5MHz transponders last two weeks on Nigcomsat through our collaboration with Intertel, Federal Ministry of Communications and Nigcomsat, TSTV can now offer Nigerians the true meaning of video entertainment. Our TSTV has successfully migrated to Nigeria Communication Satellite. ALL CHANNELS in Full HD. No one does that. More channels are being added daily.


Guess what!!!, TSTV management in appreciation to EVERYONE have decided that 45 TSTV PREMIUM HD CHANNELS will be available for free for another one month as we don’t intend to encrypt the channels now. You can use any dish at all, including the ones you are using for other operators to track Nigcomsat today and lets enjoy premium entertainment together.


We are now a True Nigerian Brand and we all should support ours. Kindly monitor our progress by tracking your dish to 42.5oE, Frequency 12589, Symbol Rate: 30,000. Polarization: Horizontal


TSTV + NIGCOMSAT + GOD = Connecting your world

Bright Echefu



How to Track TSTV on NigComSat

Kindly use the following perimeters for tracking.

Position: 42.5 degree East
Frequency: 12625 (New), 12589 (Existing)
Symbol rate: 30000
Polarization: H
Recommended dish size: 90cm



TSTV frequency can also be tracked using FTA receivers like Strong Decoders. Happy viewing!.

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