Top 9 Most Preferred States for Mandatory NYSC Programme

The National Youth Service Corp was created in the year 1973 for the purpose of promoting unity across the nation and also to build a great and dynamic economy. The scheme has indeed been very successful over the years but due to the current security challenges facing the country, prospective corps members fear to be posted to certain states.



This post will certainly help answers some of these questions which are frequently asked by PCM’s;

  • What is the NYSC allowance for states in Nigeria?
  • What are the best states to serve in for NYSC in Nigeria?
  • What are the latest NYSC Posting Policies?
  • What is the NYSC allowance for Abia and Awka Ibom?
  • Which states have the highest NYSC allowance?

For some reason, Lagos and Abuja are one of the most preferred places to serve in, but with the new system which the National Youth Service Corp has introduced, posting has become more random, and therefore decreasing your chances of getting these states.

It was not a surprise when it was learnt that states such as Lagos and Abuja were not provided as options for many prospective corps members during the 2015 batch B National Youth Service Corp registration, so they had to settle for other available options.




The bottom line is, you are less likely to get what you wished for, so if you are posted to any of these states listed in this post, count yourself lucky.

In this post I’m going to be sharing my opinion on the best states to serve in during your NYSC programme, I’m also going to list the states with the highest NYSC allowance in Nigeria.

Best and Most Preferred States for Mandatory NYSC Programme

Over the years they’ve been a change in preference, mainly because of the security situation in the country, mostly in the northern part of Nigeria, which was once said to be one of the most convenient places to be posted to for your NYSC(Nation Youth Service Corp)Programme.

This was because the standard of living there was very affordable and it was also very peaceful, it’s sad to see what it has become today.

Below is the list of the most preferred state to serve in,






Cross River

Akwa Ibom






States that Pay Highest NYSC Allowance

Another factor which prospective corpers consider, is the states with the highest NYSC allowance. Below are some of these states

Akwa Ibom



. . . If you know anymore, Kindly share with us.

I hope all the prospective NYSC members would find this information helpful. Also note that the next NYSC registration is around the corner. Good luck.

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