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Browse Free with SM Tunnel VPN APK – Free Download

SM Tunnel VPN is a free android VPN that provides users with secure anonymous browsing experience. The features of this tunneling application is not to different from AnonyTun, SecureTun and HeaderTun which I previous discussed about.   VPN stands for virtual private network and the major functions of a VPN is to provide a secure and private connection […]

Spark VPN Lifetime svc File to Power All Apps on mPulse

By using updated Spark VPN .svc config files, MTN mPulse cheat is still working perfectly in September. The major advantage of the new September mpulse lifetime svc config file which will be provided in this post is the fact that the spark vpn configuration will no longer expire, that means wouldn’t need account renewal often. However this doesn’t mean […]

Whatsapp Banking Numbers for All Nigerian Banks


Nigerian banks had begun to introduced a mobile banking service called Whatsapp banking. This service is designed to provide customers with easy and reliable banking transactions, the WhatsApp banking service in Nigeria allows users to automate most parts of the banking experience, providing customers the ease of remote banking with the efficiency of the best personnel and the intimacy of […]