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University Degrees with the Highest Employment Opportunity in Nigeria

They are many profitable courses to study in Nigerian universities today but before applying for any degree, it is logical to think carefully, because studies have shown that some particular degrees can increase your employment opportunities and also your income. This explains why most undergraduates take up profitable majors like Law, Medicine and Engineering.    […]

Login waecdirect.org – 2017/18 August/October Result Checker Online

How to Check for WAEC 2017 Result online(www.waecdirect.org) Follow these simple steps to check your 2017 WAEC Result: 1.  By the WAEC scratch card from any dealer e.g banks, Post Office, WAEC office and other authorized dealers in your area. 2. Visit WAEC website at www.waecdirect.org 3. On the WAEC page, provide all the necessary […]