Possible JAMB 2019 CBT Questions on Sweet Sixteen Novel

You can test your knowledge on JAMB sweet sixteen novel by taking these quiz and revision questions. These are also considered as likely questions on sweet sixteen.

1. Gibran was a Lebanese poet who died in the year
A 1993
B 1931
C 1943
D 1893

2. Who is the author of letter to my daughter?
A) Salami qudus
B) Justin Carlos
C) Maya Angelou
D) Ben Carson

3 what was Aliya’s nickname?
A) Flawless
B) First lady
C) Miss angel
D) Portable

4 what is “Bobo” real name?
A) benediction
B) Tokunbo
C) Israel
D) Ayomide



5 who among of Aliya’s class mate called hself the king of boys?
A) Akin
B) Ayo
C) Jamiu
D) Philip.

6) I hated to be called a”child”, to me child means? a) imbecile b) stupid c) toddler d) brat




7. What was Mr bello’s job in the company that help the poor people?  a) secretary b) public relations c) accountant d) purchaserd

8. No, it was like 14 or 15…. Who said this?  a) aliya b) Mr bello c) akin d) grace

9. Who is Tokunbo alabi? a) bobo b) akin. d) angelou d) principal

10. He walked to the chess board and moved the knight as traced his___?  a) shadow b) bouquet c) steps d) lawns

11. Dumb girl”, as it was used in the sentence means____,?  a) a girl that cannot talk b) a girl that think she need to live up to other people’s expectations c) a girl that knows when is being manipulated d) a girl that lack necessities

12. Adoringly Aliya was refered to as……….

13. Who asked this question ” What does HAK & KOTL”means


14. Where were the student caught having sex?

15. Aliya’s Mother Occupation is ……….

16………….. Is the Mathematics Teacher In D Novel.

17. Who is Auntie Molara?

18. Where Did Bobo relocate to?

19. What’s the Colour of Aliya’s Mug?

20……….. Is Refereed to Aliya’s Boyfriend ?


21. Who said Dis Statement “It is Better to die in Poverty than to be a prosperous thief”

22. At what age did Aliyah started menstruating

23. At what age did Aliyah started wearing bra

24.Who told Mr. Bello that Aliyah have started menstruating

25. Who said this”do you know that too much sugar affect ladies doing menstruation?

26. What is the color of Aliyah’s mug

27. What is Mr Bello’s best color

28. Who said this “Pay me so that I can teach you the secret to making his tea ”

29. The letter Mr Bello sent to Aliyah on her 16th birthday was based on the outings they had

30. Who is Aunty Gigs


31. Who is Aunty Molara

32. Common sex is everywhere, who said this

33. Don’t tell me you don’t Netflix, who said this

34. Who wanted his son to be a lawyer

35. What was Aliyah’s first Ambition

36. What did she later concluded on becoming

37. Who is an Asthmatic patient

38. What was Aliyah’s chemistry grade

39. Why did Aliyah’s friend cheat during the physics exam

40. I don’t think she is happy with what she did, who said this

41. Parents shouldn’t compare their children with each other said by who


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