Possible JAMB 2019 CBT Questions on Sweet Sixteen Novel

JAMB Sweet Sixteen Question and Answers

(76) “Geography class could be boring” Who said this: (a) Akin (b) Bobo (c) Aliya (d) Morayo

(77) Mr Bello took a drive with Aliya to discuss about ___ (a) Sex (b) romance (c) maturity (d) Menstruation

(78) Who are referred to as Tom and Jerry? (a) Aliya and Grace (b) Morayo and Tokunbo (c) Mr and Mrs bello (d) Aliya and her dad

(79) According to the novel, the lorry that is mentioned has an Inscription: “No Condition is Permanent”, the fading word is: (a) No (b) Condition (c) is (d) Permanent

(80) Interpret this statement: “…they would not mind trading places with you right now” (a) the girls sell places (b) they would like Aliya to be in their place (c) they would prefer being a sister to Aliya (d) They would prefer being in an A/C filled car than hawking



(81) “Sometimes, hunger is what you need to drive you ahead in life” The hunger here encourages__ (a) handwork (b) desire (c) skills (d) employment

(82) “It’s quite possible they have started doing bad things with boys” “Bad thing here refers to (a) sex (b) theft (c) exam malpractice (d) a peck”

(83) “Bush girl” refers to a____ (a) a witch (b) a princess in the forest (c) a celibate (d) a harlot

(84) Aliya discussed the letter ___ after she received it. (a) a month (b) a day (c) a week (d) a year

(85) Which meal did Mrs Bello teach Aliya to prepare according to the novel (a) Akara (b) Tea (c) Stew (d) Pap



(86) “…it was better to die in poverty than to be a prosperous thief” Who was Mr Bello referencing (a) his Uncle (b) His Mother (c) His father (d) His wife

(87) “Failure can teach us humility, strength and perseverance” this means “failure ” (a) can teach us (b) can make us proud (c) can make us successful (d) can make us laugh

(88) According to the novel, who said: ” … a time will come when technology will surpass human interaction and the world will the world will have generation of idiots” (a) Albert Einstein (b) Karl Marx (c) Charles Darwin (d) Adolf Hitler

(89) “Gandhi test” refers to (a) an exam (b) self-examination (c) a decision (d) a scripture

(90) “… I will eat later … I had something important on my mind than food” What was more important to Aliya (a) sex (b) money (c) kissing (d) dating

(91) To Mr Bello, P.C in K.P.C means (a)Personal Capacity (b) Personal Computer (c) Personal capital (d) Personal Cashier

(92) “Thick as thieves” the “thieves” here refers to (a) Mr and Mrs Bello (b) Aliya and Mr bello (c) Morayo and Aliya (d) The orange hawkers

(93) Who said : “hating people because of their colour is wrong” (a) Fela Kuti (b) Ali Bongo (c) Mrs Bello (d) Muhammad Ali

(94) Despite the fact that Akin cracks jokes in class, he still got ___ in mathematics. (a) A (b) B (c) C (d) D

(95) Aliya ____ a party on her 16th birthday. (a) expected (b) didn’t expect (c) planned for (d) hosted

(96) What did Aliya plan to buy for the school when she becomes the senior prefect
(a) nebuliser (b) camera (c) a mower (d) a spade

(97) “Michael West” refers to a ___ (a) a phone (b) an electronic (c) a cabinet (d) a book

(98) “Anaconda” in the novel refers to a __ (a) beast (b) wave (c) sea (d) iceberg

(99) Where did Mrs Bello go to after the story of a Slave and a Master (a) kitchen (b) market (c) salon (d) bakery

(100) Who owns this quote : “Nobody can hurt me without my permission” (a) Alfred Tennyson (b) Mahatma Gandhi (c) Chinua Achebe (d) Mr Bello 2019 jamb novel sweet sixteen.


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