Possible JAMB 2019 CBT Questions on Sweet Sixteen Novel

Possible Sweet Sixteen Question and Answers for JAMB


(26) How many pages does the book have? (a) 51 (b0 58 (c) 35 (d) 53

(27) What is the title of the book Aliya read when she was 14? (a) Sweet Sixteen (b) Letter to my Girl (c) Letter to my Firstborn (d) Letter to My daughter

(28) How old was Aliya when she received her first birthday card from her father? (a) 12 (b) 13 (c) 14 (d) 16

(29) What name does Mrs Bello call Mr Bello when they settle their differences? (a) Joker (b) babe (c) Honey (d) Sweet



(30) What is the meaning of WAEC? (a) West African Exam council (b) West African Examination Council (c) West African Examining Council (d) West African Examination Corporation

(31) What is Bello’s favourite football club? (a) Liverpool fc (b) Chelsea Fc (c) Barcelona Fc (d) Lyon Fc

(32) Which football player is mentioned in the novel? (a) Drogba (b) Kanu (c) Ronaldo (d) Ali

(33) Miss Saloko teaches what subject? (a) Biology (b) Chemistry (c) Mathematics (d) English Language

(34) On what day of the week did Aliya turn 16? (a) Monday (b) Tuesday (c) Wednesday (d) Thursday

(35) Which subject was giving Aliya a challenge? (a) Biology (b) Chemistry (c) Mathematics (d) Geography

(36) What was Akin known for? (a) jokes (b) Riddles (c) Proverbs (d) Bullying

(37) How many persons were in each room of the hostel? (a) 8 (b) 4 (c) 3 (d) 5

(38) Who was Grace to Aliya? (a) Roomate (b) Elder sister (c) Cousin (d) Best friend



(39) According to the novel, who is a dumb girl? (a) A girl who cannot talk (b) A girl who hardly talks (c) A girl who always please boys (d) A virgin

(40) Maya Angelou wrote a book entitled: (a) Letter to My Daughter (b) Letter to my Girl (c) Letter to Aliya (d) Letter to Angela

(41) Who said fence made your house look like prison? (a) Sweet Mum (b) Big Mummy (c) Mrs bello (d) The police

(42) Which bar did Aliya and her dad drive to? (a) Aunty Gigis (b) Aunty Gees (c) Aunty jijis (d) Madam Gigis

(43) Which magazine does Aunty Omolara read? (a)Cosmopolitan (b) Every Woman (c) Sexy babes (d) Sex Slaves

(44) How many tea bags does Mr Bello like in his tea? (a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) None

(45) John Grisham is a ___ (a) Musician (b) Politician (c) Doctor (d) Lawyer

(44) in what subject did Aliya see a girl cheating? (a) Chemistry (b) Physics (c) Biology (d) Geography

(45) Which poem is the motto for 2012 Olympics? (a) Ulysses (b) Summer (c) Strive to Win (d) Never Give up

(46) What is the religion of the Principal of Aliya’s school? (a) Islam (b) Christian (c) Traditional (d) Hinduism

(47) Khalil Gibran is a _____ poet (a) Lebanese (b) Congolese (c) Zambian (d) Jewish

(48) Who was the first prime minister of India? (a) Nehru Jawaharlal (b) Mahatma Gandhi (c) Khalil Gibran (d) Muhammad Aliyu

(49) What is the full meaning of HAK? (a) Hugs and Kisses (b) Heads and Kisses (c) Hand and Kisses (d) Hurry and Kiss

(50) What is meaning of KOTL (a) kiss only Ten Ladies (b) Kiss on Toes and Legs (c) Kiss on the Lips (d) kissers Own Tender Lovers

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