Solution to GoTV Decoder Showing Red, Yellow/Orange or Green Light



The Gotv decoder indicator lights usually come on and may continue blinking when there is an issue or a notification which requires your attention. Many users may not be aware of the meaning on the Gotv blinking indicators lights but not to worry because this post will explain and teach you how to carry some necessary troubleshooting  steps to fix issues on your gotv decoder.


GOtv decoder showing a yellow/Orange Light Constantly

Please go through the process below:




  • Press the power button
  • While you are still holding on the power button,insert the power cable to the decoder with the AV cables or cord and the antennae cable (RF IN)
  • Three lights flashes and then you can take off your hand from the power button
  • Press p+ p- twice
  • It will take you through the scan process, wait till the decoder scans through with complete channel list.


if it is constant it means either the decoder is burnt or is not receiving sufficient power. Visit the near Gotv Office for repair.



Gotv Decoder Blinking Orange Light

the orange light blinking is as a result of an unread message sent to your decoder, and you can view and clear this message by simply press Menu > Mail Message > Read /Delete the message then press the RED button to delete.


Gotv Decoder Shows Orange Light, Scans and Stops at 50% on TV

Ensure you have at least 60% signal strength and 100% quality for better reception. You may change the direction of your antenna and ensure that it is high above roof level.



Gotv decoder not coming ON, Shows RED Light

Press the RED button on your decoder remote


Gotv Channels not active

You need to scan. Press Menu > Advanced Options > Installation > Automatics Scan > OK


Gotv Decoder Showing “no service found”

It is recommended you get a Gotv Antenna for good reception.


Check signal strength. Press Menu > Information Central > Signal Strength/Quality. If the signal strength is below 90% and quality below 100%, you will need to check the connections behind your decoder.





Red light on Gotv Decoder

Your account is at disconnect. Top up to get connected.




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