RivPuSMiS Staff Portal Registration on PublicService.RiversState.gov.ng – Full Guide

Since the creation of Rivers State in 1967 (50 years ago), the State has grown its Public Service to well over 40,000 Staff including staff of tertiary institutions, teachers, health care workers, judicial workers, administrators, officers and other workers at all levels. 
This increase in number over the years has made the existing manual (Pen/Paper) system of Staff administration a herculean task, and has led to the decline in its efficiency in many ways.
Some of the identified challenges affecting the efficiency in the administration of the Public Service are as follows:
– Organic growth of the service over the years without a growth plan
– Ineffective monitoring and management of the optimization service processes
– Ineffective and outdated processes in the management of Staff records of Service
– Lack of modern tools to centralize and streamline processes for effective administration
– Unsustainable storage of files and Staff records. Some Staff and retirees’ files are missing due to poor or outdated storage facilities / processes
– All these and many more have contributed to some of the
– A Public Service without a verifiable data and process
– Irregular promotion and salary adjustment of Public Servants without due process and rules of the different sectors in the Public Service.
– The current system cannot support an effective supervision of the implementation of the Public Service rules that pertains to increments and promotions benefits
– Undue bureaucratic controls and measures in the processing of retirement benefits
– Some cases of multiple employments in the same Government and in other cases employment in the State and private sector
– Insecure and vulnerable Public Service records system that has introduced:
– A number of ‘Ghost Workers’ and fake Pensioners means of changing records to enable Public Servants stay longer than their statutory period in the service loopholes to manipulate records at the detriment of the State with the resultant increase in wage bill, etc.

Features of RivPuSMiS Portal

– Recruitment Interface (Civil Service Commission /OHoS/Parastatals/Tertiary Institutions)

– Online filing / profiling of all Civil Servants (Establishments + OHoS/Parastatals/Tertiary Institutions)

– Online management of records of services (Establishments +

– Online management of promotion (CSC + OHoS +
MDAs+Parastatals+Tertiary institutions)

– Online management of remuneration and Staff benefits (OHoS
+ Finance)

– Online management of retirement process and benefits
computation (Pensions Board+ OHoS+Parastatals+Tertiary Institutions)

– Online management of Retirees / Pensioners etc.
Benefits of RivPuSMiS Portal
– A centralized platform to view all the activities of the
Public Service; recruitment, remuneration to retirement.

– Provide a platform to monitor and manage the records of
services for all Public Servants.

– Provide a platform that will stem irregularities that
exist in the current manual system.

– Provide Government with accurate / real-time data for
planning and decision making.

– Effective management of promotion and benefits

– Reduce undue human interface in the administration of the
Public Service

– Encourage e-governance for improved productivity




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– Improve the ease of doing business to create a friendlier
business and investment environment for the State.

– Below are the mandatory documents to be uploaded
– Letter of first appointment
– Letter of confirmation of first appointment
– Letter of posting
– First School Leaving Certificate
– Birth Certificate
– Certificate of Birth/Age declaration
– Letter of promotion
– Letter of identification/LGA Certificate of origin


Below are the step to step process

On the dialogue box on the left part of the page, complete the form by selecting your MDA

Enter your staff ID No

Enter BVN and click the Sign In Button

After successful log in, you will be requested to change your password

Enter desired password and click reset.

After successful reset, the system will log you out and you will be requested to log in again with reseted password

Once logged in, you are directed to the dashboard which displays staff name and department/parastatal

Click on the profile button to update your personal details by filling in your phone number, e-mail, Rank and grade level and click on the Send Change Request button

After successful profile update request, click on the upload staff documents and upload all the scanned documents listed above. NOTE: The documents must be in PDF

You can also click on the My Documents tab to view uploaded documents


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After successful update and upload, log out your profile by clicking the log out button on the  account/user image at the top right hand corner of the screen.
Get manual – See Full guide here (.pdf)

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