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Publiseer is an absolutely free, easy to use, Nigerian digital publishing platform tailored to meet the growing needs of independent Nigerian authors and artists.


Every day, fresh musical talents are rising and joining the entertainment industry in Nigeria. Some of these upcoming acts are in search of fame, some in search of a green pasture, while others are in it for the passion. As a result of the growing population of musical acts in Nigeria, the music industry in Nigeria is fast-pacing into a world-class industry of professionals.
While creating music is often fun, it takes a lot of hard work to be discovered. Every upcoming artiste experiences the difficulty in getting their songs listened by hundreds and even thousands of people. Many songs never see the light of day, and as a result, many musical dreams die every day. This is the sad reality of the musical industry. There’s no point of making good music when no one will ever get to listen to it.
The truth is that as a musician, you can make it to stardom independently, without any record label pushing your music, and the good news is that it doesn’t have to take years for you to achieve stardom. All you need is the massive free music distribution services of Publiseer, and you’ll be a star in no time. Publiseer is a free digital music distribution platform for independent Nigerian musicians to be discovered.
Publiseer distributes songs to over 400 online platforms where songs are streamed and sold. These stores include Amazon Music, Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, and Deezer. While millions of music lovers rely on these platforms to discover new music every day, it is feasible that your music will be discovered in little or no time. For example, iTunes is an established platform with millions of users, both in Nigeria and beyond. Publiseer helps you tap into this massive reach and be potentially heard by millions of music lovers scattered around the world.
With Publiseer, your music becomes more accessible to millions of people around the world, who will buy your music or stream it, and make plenty of revenue for you as a musical act.
To get started, you need to visit Publiseer’s website and submit your song(s) to them. Someone from Publiseer will get back to you within five working days with their decision to distribute your song(s) or not. If Publiseer accepts to distribute your music, your music will be assigned a unique UPC number, a beautiful artwork (if you have none), and will be distributed to over 400 online stores across 100 countries worldwide.






Publiseer makes it easy for your music to reach millions of people via its free and most comprehensive music distribution service available in the country.
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