Fast Loan Apps without Collateral in Nigeria

Did you know you could borrow money from lenders over a short term and pay the loan off early at a speculated time with little interest rate?

Short term loans are convenient and quick ways to get money in an emergency, If you have a stable income, you’re over 18 and you’re willing to pay off a loan in as short as weeks’ or months’ time, you have a very good chance to qualify.

Unlike business loans that require a business plan, collateral and extensive paperwork, you don’t have to show any proof or supporting papers to show where you would like to use the money.

There are multiple loan platforms in Nigeria promising cheap interest rates, low fees and high amount of loan. But, don’t be fooled, some of them are either scams — asking for advanced payments before releasing money, or those that charge hefty interests and fees, plus hidden costs that could probably put you deeper into debt.



This is a shortlist of fast loan apps without collateral in Nigeria according to user’s reviews:


Apply for Loan using this new Loan Apps in Nigeria

CARBON PAYLATER quick loan app nigeria



Carbon formerly paylater® is a simple, digital finances management platform providing Nigerians whether you’re a student, business owner, salary earner, or just in between jobs and in need of funds with just a Smartphone and basic requirements, you can apply for instant loan 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a quick application process that lets you know your status within minutes.

For first timers, your initial loan is N 10,000, which you are required to pay back in 30 days.

Carbon Paylater no collateral loan app nigeria

No collateral, guarantors or application fees required! 


Download the Carbon (Paylater) app here




Apps to Get Quick Online Loans in Nigeria

cash lending app Nigeria branch

Branch makes it easy for people in Nigeria to access a loan, anytime, anywhere. Complete your application in seconds and receive your loan straight into your bank account.

After you have downloaded the Branch app, all you need to do is log in, fill in your personal details, phone number and bank details.

Download the Branch app here






Quick loan and Lending Platform in Nigeria

quick check fast loan app nigeria


Whether it’s Medical bills, School fees, unexpected cash problems, QuickCheck has got your back when it comes to getting small quick loans in Nigeria. You can access quick and hassle-free loans of up to N30,000 without any collateral for duration of either 15 or 30 days.

All you have to do is to install or download the QuickCheck loan app, Login with your Facebook account, apply for a loan and get cash transferred to you within minutes.

QuickCheck is secure, fast and easy to use.

Download the QuickCheck app here







Quick Loan app in Nigeria

aella app to borrow money nigeria

This is arguably one of the fastest loan apps in Nigeria

Aella takes the hassle out of Finance — whether you are a business or an individual. , they provide instant credit solutions not just to Nigerians but to Africans in a whole.

Loan Apps For Online Lending In Nigeria

Download the Aella Credit app here



Loan app in Nigeria with Co-lateral

Nigerian loan app and website palm credit

Palmcredit is a loan app designed for users in Nigeria, offers a quick and easy loan for your business or personal use. They claim to also provide everyone with an opportunity to get an instant loan and end financial crisis.

Download the Palmcredit app here



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