Use These Tips to Fix Adsense Disapproval | PIN not Arriving, Adsense Payments and More

Many Google adsense publishers are constantly receiving adsense payment check monthly and making a living off it. You can make money with Google adsense program this year, all you need is full dedication to your work as a publisher. If you feel you are up to the task, then sign up for adsense today. As we begin, I like to explain a few frequently asked questions and also write the requirements for Adsense;

What is Google Adsense?
Basically adsense is an advertising network that allows publishers earn by serving ads via thier online platform to the sites audience. These ad may be text, images, or video. You can apply for Adsense HERE

How do I receive my adsense earning?
When a publishers earning reach the payment threshold google begins to process your payment. So make sure you’ve correctly set up your adsense payment method. Payments are made via Checks, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), EFT via Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), Wire Transfer and Western Union Quick Cash. Publisher in Nigeria, Ghana, and other african countries often make use of Wire Transfer as their preffered payment method. It is also possible to receive adsense via Paypal and Payoneer.
Type of Ads For Publishers
They are two major kind of Adsense that are frequently used by publisher, these are;
Adsense for Content– this allows you monitize your website content.
Adsense for Video– this allows you monetize your videos via Youtube.

Other kinds of adsense are adsense for search, Admob etc. I’m going to focus on adsense for Content and Video in this post.

Solution to Adsense Disapproved and Requirement for Google Adsense.
Many publishers apply for adsense for content daily but very few applications are approved. However, it is quite easy to get an approved Youtube adsense account. To get an approved adsense for content account a publisher has to fully comply is Adsense Program policies
Adsense is very strict in approving account these days and this has really been a headache for publishers. If you’re wondering what to do when adsense rejects your application, below are some major reasons for adsense rejection and tips to help solve them.

1. How to fix Fix Site Does Not Comply With Google Policies/ Unacceptable Site Content – In most cases this can be a very serious issue. You’ll need to check all your content and make sure there comply the google policies and webmaster guidelines. In most cases copyrighted materials are the cause. This can be text, images and  videos. I also advice you get a professional template and get a top level domain and apply using a verified Name and Email that can see on your contact page.

2. How to fix Insufficient Content: Don’t apply with an empty blog. I advice you apply when your blog is 3 months old. Your blog must be fully built with lots of posts and relevant pages such as About, Contact and Privacy Policy. You must also create a clear navigation system on your blog to enable reader find what they’re looking for. Also take down ad from other network before you apply.
These are what makes your blog qualify for adsense. After solving these problem, do not reapply for adsense immediately. Wait a couple of days first before you reapply.
What are the best alternatives for Google Adsense?
If for some reason you just can’t get approved for adsense, you can try other ad networks as an alternatives to monetize you blog content. Below are some of the best 10 ad network for publishers in 2016;
1. Adsterra Network
2. Revcontent
3. Infolinks
5. AdBlade
6. Revenue Hits
7. Undertone
8. BidVertiser
9. Vibrant Media
10. Clicksor

Having Problem Receiving Adsense PIN? Try these methods.

Many new bloggers have problems verifying their google adsense account because of poor mailing systems in their country. If you are new to this, let me explain better, When your adsense account reaches the Adsense Verification Threshold, in order to guard the security of your account, Google Adsense sends your Personal Identication Number(PIN) via standard mail to your address provided in your adsense account. 








This usually take 2-4weeks to arrive.  At this point you will get a notification in your adsense account saying “Your Payments are currently on Hold because you have Not Verified Your Address”.  Although Ads will still be showing on your website(s). Now this is the part that gives blogger from West African countries like Nigeria and Ghana serious problems, because the mailing services are not too reliable therefore adsense publishers in some of these Africa countries usually have problems in receiving their PIN. 
Therefore if you’ve requested for your PIN multiple times and the PIN fails to arrive after the 3rd Adsense PIN request (1st, 2nd and 3rd request can take up to 4months) ads will temporary be disable on your site. However once you have provided your PIN or proof of identity, your account will be restored.

If you find your selves in this situation, don’t worry because there are several ways to solve adsense PIN delivery issue. After the 3rd PIN request fails following the link provided in the adsense account and upload any of the the following;
How to Verify Adsense Account using Proof of Identity.
Uploading a scanned copy of your Government issued I.D Card – note that the address on the id must be the same with the address provided in your adsense account.

Uploading a scanned copy of your Government approved documents – This can be telephone bills, Electricity Bills, Banks statements, Driver’s license or an International Passport.

After submitting your proof of Identity, You’ll then receive a mail from Google notifying you of your account status. If you are facing this issue, kindly share your experience.

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