Latest Working PowerVu Keys and Codes for FTA Viewing

This post will the updated frequently with the latest PowerVu key for various satellites worldwide enabling reader to watch all football matches, latest movie and entertainment channels, and educative channels like discovery etc. Also read my previous post, If you are having difficulties in entering powervu keys into your receiver

MTN Worldwide TV ( Sport 24 HD)

-NSS 20°W-12508 H 6660 -PowerVu
-Intlesat 66°E -4133 V 11250 -PowerVu
-NSS 47.5°W-4163 R 9247-PowerVU(C-Band)
-NSS 57.0°E- 4133 – V -11250 -PowerVU(C-Band)
-Intelsat 34.5°W-4090 H 20665 -PowerVU (C-Band)
P 0061BE9D 00 175DA161086473 ; EMM Key
P 005DD00B 00 55CD1B505028DD ; EMM Key
Key0: 3B 27 6B 36 00 4E D0
Key1: 04 A0 03 E5 0E 57 9D 26.08.2016
key :01 2E 05 2D 59 DD 6D D5 Active NSS 57°E
Astra 4.8°E 12322 V 27500 PowerVU
Key0: 5D ED 71 7F FB 40 30 Next
Key1: 39 85 D9 A0 B4 2E CF ==> Active
P 005E278F 00 2C803303B933A4 ; EMM Key (AU Update)
P 00622EE5 00 B80EA84B841E29 ; EMM Key
P 006019B6 00 ED840210914C59 ; EMM Key
Thor1°W- 12303-V-27500  0  &  Astra
4.8°E 12360V 27500 PowerVU
Key0: BF 33 AC AF 90 A4 F2 Next
Key1: 00 A9 92 5C DB 75 54 <=Active
P 00623910 00 D6795F87CC1CBC ; EMM Key (AU Update)
12380-V-28000 // Discovery(TLC Balkans)/Arqiva(UNI CZSK)/0.8°W
FREQ: 4005 V 15555
Original Receiver
China Receiver
BiSS_KEY: 5132 1396 9ADD EC63
Satellite position is 38° Est
Riyadh MCR Biss Channel @ Eutelsat W 21A @ 21.5E
Satellite ; Eutelsat W 21A @ 21.6E
Channel ; Riyadh MCR
TP ; 11585 V 1600 + 11650 v 1600
biss:B3 2E 41 22 D5 8A 2F 8E
HBO Asia 68.5 working key
Key 00: 2E 40 E3 27 BB 78 37 00
Key 01: FF FA 91 E9 7B 25 70 00
Discovery/ animal planet/ TLC / turbo at 68.5 working key
Key 00: CE F7 CE 42 2F F8 9E 00
Key 01: E4 2D BB 17 67 E0 2E 00
IntelSat-17 @66.0E $ANIMAL PLANET-HD $TLC-HD
FREQ: 3985 H 14400
ECMKey=00: 116F 238D F24B 55
ECMKey=01: 6546 B4E6 C9E9 A2
TP.3720 H 29620
00. 0123 4567 89AB CD
01. 82C0 EFD8 2EAF 93
TP.3726 H 5926
00. F5B8 9B9C 0FFF 45
01. 27E4 E046 3864 84
TP.3880 H 30000
Disney HD
00. CF8F 8EBA 3286 A4
01. 3AB2 AAFA 1AB2 D2
TP.3920 H 28340
00. AD5C DBA9 9150 5A
01. 1E13 76FD 07FB 13
EBC 3 Ethiopia, EBC North Ethiopia, EBC East Ethiopia, EBC South Ethiopia, Addis TV (EBC 2) on Intelsat 22 @ 72.1° East
3963 L 11930 3/4
FTA C band
Idman Azerbaycan
-AzerSpace 46°E -11175 H H 27500 -FTA/Biss




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-SES-6 40.5°W-3980 L 21600 -PowerVU(C-Band)



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