Penalties for Missing NYSC LGA Monthly Clearance

This post will discuss the effects of missing the NYSC monthly LGA clearance as most corps member now take this for granted.

punishment for missing nysc cds


The aim of the monthly clearance is to prove the corps member has performed his/her duties at their respective place of primary assignment (PPA). This is done by submitting a PPA clearance letter from your employer to your NYSC LGI who will now acknowledge this clearing the corps member via the newly implement bio-metric clearance system.




Punishment for Missing NYSC Clearance





They can be severe punishments for skipping the NYSC Monthly clearance. If a corps member is absent from the monthly LGA Clearance he/she will not be paid the monthly allowance by FG.

And in a situation were the corps member fails to submit his PPA clearance letter and is absent for several months, the corps member may be given an extension of service as a penalty for absence. So don’t miss NYSC monthly clearance.


Letter of Permission to be Absent From Work

However, in a some cases whereby a corps member may need to travel, he/she will need to request for a leave by submitting an NYSC Leave Letter.


Must Read: How to Write and Submit NYSC Leave Letter



What to do if you miss NYSC clearance

If you miss your weekly CDS meeting or monthly clearance, ensure you explain the reason for your absence to your inspector at the local government. Although this may not always be helpful, but this is why you should always give a leave notice and follow all due procedures if you are going to be absent.


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