Guidelines and Instructions on NYSC Remobilization and Revalidation.

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Many prospective NYSC corps members don’t know the difference between NYSC Remobilization and Re-validation, fortunately this post will explain everything about Remobilization, Re-validation and how to apply on the NYSC registration Portal.

What is NYSC Remobilization?

NYSC Remobilization is an alternative registration process for previously registered corps member who either absconded or were decamped during their service.

Only NYSC corps member who couldn’t complete service are allowed to do NYSC Remobilization on the portal.

How to Apply for NYSC Remobilization

Applying for NYSC remobilization can be a very complication process as you will to visit to the NYSC secretariat of the state you were posted to and check for LETTER OF DECISION and then apply for remobilization.



If you are fortunate and letter of decision is yet to be forwarded to Abuja, you maybe just be given the option of returning to service with extension for the number of days missed.

However if the decision has been submitted to abuja, you will have to wait for a mobilization decision and this can take months and in some cases, it may not be favourable.




If it is, you can proceed to the next phase which is REFUND of allowance. You will be to required to refund any allowance received in camp, you will be properly guided on this by the NYSC official in-charge.

When the all remobilzation application process are complete, you can now wait for registration to begin on the NYSC portal.

NYSC Commences 2019 Remobilization

The management of the NYSC has announced that the 2019 Re-mobilization portal is open for registration from 13th September to 4th October 2019.

How to do NYSC Remobilization on the Portal.

  1. Login into the portal –
  2. Click on the Re-mobilization notification
  3. Locate the notification saying “Click Here If You Have Registered Online and In Camp”
  4. Login and begin to process your NYSC remobilization.
  5. After successfully processing your remobilization, you can now print your Re-mobilization slip and Certification of Remobilization.

What is NYSC Revalidation?

NYSC Revalidation is necessary for corps member who applied for mobilization and were mobilized but failed to report to orientation camp for registration.

Unlike re-mobilzation, NYSC revalidation is less complication. Revalidation can done along with registration of new prospective corps members. Below is a guide on how to do NYSC Revalidation.

How to Apply for NYSC Revalidation.

  1. Login into the portal –
  2. Click on Registration
  3. Click on Revalidation and follow the instructions to revalidate your profile.
  4. Print out your slip.

Now that you know the difference between Re-mobilization and
re-validation in NYSC, you can now begin to apply if you are interested.

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