POP Date for NYSC 2018 Batch A – Stream 1

The pop date for NYSC 2018 Batch A (stream 1) has been announced by the NYSC management. Here NYSC corpers will find out next official NYSC passing out(pop) date for 2018 Batch A corps members when announced by NYSC.




2018 Batch A Winding-Up/Passing Out

The NYSC has approved Thursday 14th March 2019 as the date for the passing-out of the 2018 Batch ‘A’ Corps members from the national service. The exercise is to be low-key. The certificate of the national service are to be distributed to deserving corps members at the local government level.

Accordingly please find below the approved programmes of activities for the event;

Tuesday 12th – Wednesday 13th March 2019



a) Registration of Passing-Out Corps members and signing of thier final clearance by Zonal Inspectors

b) Administration of questionaire (Form 4B) on 30% of the Passing-out Corps Members


Thursday 14th March, 2019

Distribution of Certificates of the National Service to deserving Corps Members at the local government level.


The information above was obtained from an NYSC circular online; note that the information above is YET to be confirmed by the NYSC.

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  1. Yes please what is your source and how accurate is it because this is the only post I've seen that cites 3rd may

  2. Thanks Ebuka for the very important information. Please I need to know your source for verification. A link may be helpful.

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