NYSC PPA: Companies that Accept Corpers in Nigeria

Every youth corper hopes to get posted to companies for their place of primary assignment after successfully undergoing the mandatory two weeks orientation exercise in camp. The next phase is posting to your place of primary assignment(PPA).

NYSC PPA Posting and Rejection

People often ask if its possible for a PPA to reject a corper. Yes it is.

A PPA can rejects a corper if they are not satisfied with your performance in the interview.



But this shouldn’t discourage you;

If you are rejected by your PPA, you should simply take the letter of rejection back to the secretariat or LGA and wait for another PPA to be assigned to you or you can go look for a PPA yourself which is what most corpers often prefer nowadays.




Oil companies are the most preferred PPA for corpers But unfortunately only a selected few are fortunate enough to get jobs like this. Good salaries isn’t the only benefits of working in a company during NYSC, there are many benefits of working in a company during your NYSC. Below are the benefits of serving in a company.

Benefits Working in a Private Company during NYSC

As a corper, working in a reputable company in Nigeria has various advantage such as;

  • Good Salary

The is the major benefits. There are companies that pay corpers salaries as high as 50,000. This is common among IT and Oil companies in cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt and Calabar. That is why most corpers often seek internship there.

  • Work Experience

Nothing is more valuable than the experience gained during your internship. Working experience is very vital for employment and the experience gained at your PPA can also be included in your CV to impress future employers.
I often advised most corpers to always be hardworking, humble and leave a good impression at their PPA because most companies retain hardworking corpers.

  • Allowances and bonuses

As a corper, you will most likely be treated as a staff, therefore you will be eligible for bonuses and allowances. I remember when I was serving in an IT firm in Lagos, I received allowance and bonus just like other staffs.

  • Leave

According to the NYSC laws. Each corper is allow to take leave if granted by the PPA and LGA. Companies will grant a corper’s leave request if the reason is genuine.

Companies that Accept Corpers in Nigeria

Below are some companies that often request for corpers to work as interns for them for the duration of their youth service programme;

  • Oil Companies

NNPC offers internship programmes for graduates which corpers are also allowed to apply for. This oppurtunity is often available once a year. Corpers who wish to work in Oil companies can take advantage of NNPC or SHELL internship programme.

  • IT Companies

There are various IT companies across Nigeria that accept youth corpers. These private companies will train and equip you with the skills and gadgets needed to work efficiently, thereby making it hard for them not to retain you. IT consulting companies, Mobile Telecommunication firms, Digital marketing and Web development companies are some of the place you should consider applying to as a corpers.

  • Insurance Firms

The services of graduates with good marketing skills are usually required in insurance firms. A friend of mine served at an insurance company during this NYSC and was retained by the insurance firm in Lagos. He admitted they employed many corpers under their marketing department at the time. This is a good place to seek employment if you have the skill.

  • Media House

Media house often require the services of interns and qualified youth copers with degrees in this field are usually accepted. There are many corpers currently working in various media houses in cities like Ibadan, Lagos, Abuja etc. Although the salary might not be much but the work experience makes it worth it.


These are the benefits of doing your youth service in private companies and the type of companies that accept corpers for internship. I suggest you also check daily job listing to get latest update on vacancy of corpers in your state.

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