POP Date for NYSC 2018 Batch C – Stream 1

The NYSC pop dates in 2019 for all batches and streams will be provided here according to the NYSC calendar. 

The official pop date for 2018 Batch C stream 1 is yet to be announced by the NYSC.

The NYSC passing out parade(POP) is for corps members who have successfully completed their service in their respective primary place of assignment(PPA) and have been cleared for POP in their LGA. Corps members who successfully finish the one year NYSC programme will be award discharge certificates.

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Corps members can check their monthly clearance status online via the NYSC portal. The NYSC management recently added this new feature for corpers to verify their NYSC monthly clearance status in order to avoid complications which may lead to corps members being penalized and given an extension of the programme.

Finally, Corpers can now access the LGA clearance menu in the list of menus on the dashboard. Even more, When accessing the LGA clearance menu, you will notice successful monthly clearance will display “present“. Unsuccessful NYSC monthly clearance appears as “absent“ on the NYSC clearance status portal.



See your Local government Inspector(LGI) as soon as possible if a monthly clearance you previously did displays as “absent” on the NYSC online clearance portal. Every Corper must understand that the monthly clearance is very important for all serving corps members as it is a prerequisite to getting the monthly allowance from Federal Government.

The NYSC pop is done two or three times a year depending on the number of NYSC batches and streams mobilized for service in the previous year.




Here NYSC corpers will find out next official NYSC passing out(pop) date for 2018 Batch B corps members when announced by NYSC.

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Below is the winding up programmes for 2018 Batch B Stream 2;

2018 Batch ‘B’ Stream 2 Winding-Up/Passing Out Approved Programme of Activities

I am delighted to inform you that the Director-General has approved the passing-Out of the 2018 Batch “B” Stream 2 corps members to be on Thursday 25th July,2019. Please note that the Winding up/Passing-Out activities should be low-key.

Accordingly, below is the programme of activities;

i. Tuesday 23rd, July, 2019

(a) Release of Passing-Out Corps members by Employers


ii. Wednesday 24th July, 2019

(a) Signing of final clearance by Zonal Inspectors.

(b) Administration of Questionnaire (from 48) on 30% of the passing-out corps members.

iii. Thursday 25th July 2019

(a) Distribution of Certificates of the National Service to deserving Corps Members at the local government level.

Also Read details on the next NYSC Batch in 2019 or Join the NYSC Facebook Group.

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