NYSC 2019 Calendar for Batch C [Registration Timetable]

nysc 2019 batch b mobilization timetable

NYSC 2019 Batch C timetable, camp date, 2019 callup letter printing and Guidelines on how to register for NYSC will all be provided here with some other useful NYSC tips .

“When is NYSC Batch C 2019 going to camp” and “When is the Next Batch for NYSC in 2019”, these are some of the frequently asked questions by prospective corp members(pcm) who need the latest news on NYSC Batch C 2019 mobilization.

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Before we begin, here are the requirements and steps for NYSC 2019 Batch C online registration;

How to Register for NYSC Batch C 2019 (Stream 2)

  • NYSC Online Registration Portal address www.nysc.org.ng
  • If you are registering for the first time, click on “Mobilization Batch C, 2019”
  • If you have registered previously and did not complete your Registration or Submit, do not create a new account instead click on “Login Here” to continue your registration with your previous Username and Password.
  • The Revalidation link is only for those mobilized in 2019 Batch “B” stream 1 and previous Batches, but did not go to the Orientation Camp.
  • Do not thumb print by proxy.
  • Apply for Name Correction on your dashboard.
  • Make sure the passport photograph uploaded is very clear.
  • Do not forget the Username and Password used during your Online Registration
  • 9. Cross- check your records before submission to avoid wrong details.
  • 10. Before sure to complete all process before the deadline.

When is the Next Batch for NYSC 2019

Registration for the next batch of NYSC (Batch C 2019) will most likely commence in October 2019.



NYSC 2019 Batch C Timetable

Below is the mobilization timetable for 2019 Batch B and C Mobilization;

12019 Batch ‘B’ Post
Mobilisation Workshop.
8th – 10th May 2019
22019 Batch ‘B’ Pre-Mobilisation
14th – 18th May 2019
3Briefing/Sensitization of Final
year students/prospective corps Members.
10th – 25th May 2019
4Uploading of Senate/Academic Board
Approved Results for Full/Part-Time
Graduates and Revalidation Lists by CPIs
6th – 25th May 2019
5Submission of Senate/Academic Board
Approved Results for Full/Part-Time
Graduates and Revalidation Lists by CPIs
25th – 30th May 2019
6Online Registration by Foreign
and locally Trained Nigerian Graduates
1st June – 12th June 2019
7Entertainment of complaints from
Prospective Corps Members by the
state Deployment and Relocation
officers and NYSC Help Lines/Desks officers.
27th May – 13th June 2019
8Action by ICT Department13th – 15th June 2019
9Notification and Printing of
Call-up Letters by PCMs
15th – 17th June 2019
10Online Printing of Deployment
Disposition by Corps Producing
Institutions/Delivery of manual
Call-up letters to Institutions
15th – 17th June 2019
11Commencement of 2019 Batch “B”
Orientation Course
18th June – 8th July 2019
12Commencement of Online Registration
by Foreign and locally Trained
Nigerian Graduates for 2019 Batch ‘B’ Stream 2
19th June – 15th August 2019
13Commencement of Orientation Course for 2019 Batch B Stream 220th August 2019
14 Commencement of Online Registration
by Foreign and locally Trained
Nigerian Graduates for 2019 Batch ‘C’.

When is NYSC Batch B Stream 2 2019 going to Camp

According to the NYSC timetable, Batch B stream 2 orientation course will commence nationwide from 20th August, 2019.




Buy Complete NYSC Camp Kit

Mobilization for the next batch of NYSC is about to commence and as an ex-corper, I advise you purchase your NYSC kit before traveling to camp because the NYSC white shirts, shorts and shoes you will be given in camp will not be enough and most importantly there may not be your size. Read more on Where to buy NYSC Kit.

NYSC Registration Guidelines

Tips to guide PCMs during NYSC Online Registration.

Before you proceed to the NYSC portal for 2019 Batch C registration, ensure you have fulfilled the following requirements and possess the documents listed below;

Read more – NYSC Registration Guidelines.

Solution to Registration Problems on NYSC Portal

When registering for BATCH B stream 2 mobilization, you may see a messages saying“Sorry you are not in this stream. You will be notified when to print your call-up letter”. or “You are in Stream 2. However, your institution has not submitted hard copy, be patient”.

This message means your school is yet to finalize the submission of your documents to NYSC office and this includes the hard copy. In some cases your name may be on the senate list but if NYSC is yet to receive the hard copy of your documents from your institution, you will not be able register for Batch B stream 2. Therefore, the solution to this problem is to kindly be patient and wait for your institution to submit all necessary document to NYSC.

NYSC Callup Letter Printing for Batch B(Stream 2) 2019

Printing of Batch B Stream 2 Call Letters has commenced on the NYSC portal.


See How to Print NYSC Callup Letter for 2019 Batch B[Stream 2]

It is advised that all prospective corps members (PCM) who weren’t able to meet up with the deadline of the previous online registration should ensure their institutions have submitted their details to NYSC for Mobilization by checking the NYSC Senate List.

PCMs should also check the JAMB Matriculation List to make sure they are eligible for the next NYSC mobilization. JAMB recently introduced a new policy that will deny graduates mobilization for the mandatory NYSC scheme if their names are not on the JAMB Matriculation List.

According to reports the new policy going to implemented in coming NYSC Mobilization therefore it is advised that all graduates who intend to be mobilized for NYSC should login into JAMB Mobilization List Portal to check if their name and details are on the JAMB Mobilization Portal.

This page will be updated frequently with the latest NYSC 2019 Batch C registration and mobilization news. PCMs can also get the latest NYSC 2019 news by joining the NYSC Facebook group.

Here are answers to some of the frequently asked question on NYSC 2019 Mobilization;

When is Batch C 2019 going for camp?

NYSC Batch C 2019 Registration, mobilization and orientation exercise will most likely commence in October 2019.

Read more about NYSC 2019 Batch C Registration and Camp Date.

Graduates who couldn’t complete the registration in the previous batch (Batch B stream 2) can register for mobilization with Batch C.

How much is NYSC Registration Fee in Cyber Cafe?

NYSC registration isn’t really that complicated, before you could easily register online by yourself without visiting a cyber cafe but things got complicated with the introduction of bio-metric registration. NYSC registration requires bio-metric technology and this is why you need the service of a cyber cafe because the bio-metric device isn’t common and you may need technical assistance when using it.

You can read more on NYSC Registration Fee. All registration procedures are to be done before the deadline given on the NYSC 2019 timetable.

How to Check JAMB List for NYSC

It is important that you confirm your name from the matriculation list. Only candidates whose names are on this list are recognized as bonafide students from the various accredited institutions. By implication, if your name is not on this list, your application to NYSC scheme for the one year National service shall be declined.

How to Check Name on JAMB Matriculation List Portal

To check your name on JAMB matriculation list portal,

What to do if your name is not on jamb matriculation list

If you did not see your name on JAMB Matriculation list then you have to follow the instruction below;

  • Print your Admission Letter Online from the e-Facility Platform
  • Print your Result Slip Online from the e-Facility Platform
  • Verify the two documents with the admission officer in your Institution

Read more on JAMB Matriculation List

How to Check NYSC Senate Approved List for 2019?

The NYSC senate approved list for Batch B 2019 is out. This is inform all prospective corps members that they can now check their names on NYSC senate approved mobilization on the nysc portal using the steps below;

How To Check NYSC Senate Approved List.

  • Go to NYSC Senate / Academic Board list portal at https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc2/VerifySenateLists.aspx.
  • Select your Institution.
  • Supply your Matriculation Number and Surname in the required columns.
  • Select your date of birth.
  • Finally, click the ‘SEARCH’ button to access your mobilization status.

See more information on how to check for your name on NYSC Senate list

Where to Get Medical Certificate Report with NMA Stamp

Prospective corps members(PCMs) are to go to a general hospital or Military clinic to get a medical fitness certificate/report then demand for an NMA Stamp, it will be given to you.

Note that is compulsory for all NYSC medical certificate of fitness/report be affixed with NMA stamp because without an NMA Stamp your medical fitness certificate or report will be rejected in the NYSC camp.

To view a Photo Sample of NYSC Medical Report and Test Required for NYSC.

How to Print NYSC Call Up Letter

The question on the mind of many prospective corps members are ” is nysc call up letter for batch B 2019 ready” and “when is nysc call up letter coming out for batch B 2019“. PCMs can check the NYSC timetable to know when to start printing thier call up letter.

Also learn How to Print NYSC Call up Letter.

Which State has the Best NYSC Orientation Camp

According information from corps members, the best NYSC orientation camps are Lagos, Abuja. Akwa-Ibom. Kano. Enugu. Osun. Katsina. Kwara.

See all contact address of all NYSC orientation camps across all state in Nigeria. Prospective corps members are to arrival at their respective camps at the date provided on the NYSC 2019 Batch B timetable and callup letters to avoid complication.

Items You Shouldn’t forget to take it NYSC Camp

If you are preparing for NYSC orientation there are some very important items which prospective corps members shouldn’t forget to pack when going for the mandatory 3 weeks orientation(may be more or less according to NYSC 2019 Batch B timetable) at their NYSC camps

Items to take to orientation camp;

  • Documents(Green Card etc) and Photocopies (make copies)
  • Call-up letter (Do NOT Laminate)
  • Statement of Result/transcript (Do NOT Laminate)
  • First Degree or Higher National Diploma (HND) Certificate  (Do NOT Laminate)
  • School ID card
  • Passport photographs
  • Certificate of Medical Fitness from government or military hospital
  • Student from foreign universities(Benin Republic and Ghana etc) where accreditation is in doubt, must have their letter of evaluation.
  • WAEC or NECO SSCE Certificate
  • Your BVN

See a full list of items to take to NYSC orientation camp.

Things that Happen in NYSC Camp

  • Do you know, you will wake-up every day by 4.20am for morning meditation and stand on parade ground from 6.am to 8.15am which is 3hours 15min every morning and evening for parade / drilling for 21 days of your camping. Army will be your friend at that time.
  • Do you know, Lectures didn’t end in school, you will have 5hours lectures which some will be very boring at time, but you must attend by force… If you sleep; people will be walking around to wake you up.

These are some of the activities in NYSC Camp, Read more about What to expect at NYSC Camp.

Punishment for Missing NYSC Clearance

The aim of the monthly clearance is to prove the corps member has performed his/her duties at their respective place of primary assignment (PPA). This is done by submitting a PPA clearance letter from your employer to your NYSC LGI who will now acknowledge this clearing the corps member via the newly implement bio-metric clearance system. See what can happen when you miss NYSC monthly clearance.

How to Check Monthly LGA Clearance Status

Corps members can now check their monthly clearance status online via the NYSC portal. The NYSC management recently included this new feature for corpers to verify their monthly LGA clearance status in order to avoid complications which may lead to corps members being penalized and given an extension of the programme.

Read a complete guide on how to check NYSC Clearance Status.

How to Apply for NYSC Leave

Every Corps member is entitle to a maximum of two-week leave through out his/her service year duration. However the application must be submitted properly and then granted by the PPA Employer and NYSC management. This post will discuss on how to write an NYSC Leave Letter.

Read on How to Write NYSC Leave Letter after Orientation Camp.

NYSC Whatsapp & Telegram Chat Group

Are you a prospective corps member or a corper?, you can join the NYSC chat group to meet up with fellow corps members and discuss about recent activities in your state of deployment or Primary place of assignment(PPA) – Join the NYSC Chat Group.

NYSC Loan Scheme

The aim of the NYSC CBN loan scheme is to reduce the rate of
unemployment in Nigeria by enabling corpers start small and medium
scale enterprises.

The loan which CBN offers to NYSC corps members will be repaid in seven years with a two-year moratorium. Read about NYSC loan application.


  1. NYSC Terms Corpers Must Know
  2. What to Expect in NYSC CAMP
  3. NYSC Allowance for Doctors and Pharmacist


These are the guidelines needed for you to complete your NYSC registration for 2019 Batch B mobilization. This post will be updated frequently with more tips and 2019 batch B registration guidelines.

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