How to Configure MTN Hammer VPN cheat on Phone and PC.

MTN is currently browsing free on Hammer VPN apk. The MTN Hammer VPN cheat works perfectly on Phone and PC. Hammer VPN previously offers users 150mb – 300mb daily data limit, However it is now possible to bypass Hammer VPN on MTN to get Unlimited data using the procedure below.



The MTN Hammer VPN cheat is currently working without daily limit for both PC and phone using the latest configuration which will be provider here.

With the new Hammer VPN APK and MTN subscribers will get free data of about 150mb – 300mb daily to browse and download. Here you will get a full guide on how to configure MTN Hammer VPN cheat on your android phone and pc. Unlike http injector, free browsing on Hammer VPN is a lot easier to configure. Hammer VPN doesn’t require SSH account or config files. It also has its own inbuilt servers.

Credits to this MTN Hammer VPN cheat goes to Visit the blog for more latest Free browsing tips and tricks.



MTN Hammer VPN Free Browsing – Requirements

MTN sim with no active data plan.


MTN default internet configuration

Hammer VPN app – HERE


How to browse free with MTN Hammer VPN

After download the Hammer VPN APK app, launch it

Username: Bukas

Password: Leave it at default (Do not touch)

Rport: 8080, Lport: 9201

Now click connect.


How to Bypass Hammer VPN Daily Data using ES File Explorer

By tweaking your Hammer VPN APK you can bypass the daily data limited and browse unlimited. Below are the steps to bypass hammer vpn data limit for android;

Download Hammer VPN from HERE

Download ES File Explorer – HERE


Start browsing then wait till you get a notification on reminding you of the number of session used on the server. Now go to Settings > Apps > Hammer VPN, click force stop. Open ES File Explorer > Menu Icon > Show hidden files.

Click on Local > SD card. Click on Android Folder and locate a file named .playstor.srf.h

Open the file and look for this numbers 11-78217944.

The first two numbers is today’s date. Simply change it to the next date. For example, today’s date is 11. Change it to 12, then save and exit. Now Connect Hammer VPN again.

You need to keep repeating this tricks on second or third session notification or whenever you are about to exhaust your daily limit.

This is how to bypass Hammer VPN daily data cap. Remember ,Don’t completely exhaust your daily limit before applying this trick else it will not work and you have to wait till the next day.

To learn how to use MTN Hammer VPN cheat on PC via ES File Explorer and Tunnel Guru – Click Here

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