Latest MTN 0.0k KPN, eProxy and http Injector Free Browsing Config (September 2018)



This post will provide the latest MTN 0.0k free browsing settings using KPN Tunnel VPN, http injector and eProxy. These MTN cheat works with 0.0k balance and is currently stable with no frequent disconnections.

Unlike the mtn mpulse cheat that requires data subscription, this MTN 0.0k cheat doesn’t. All you need it is the required VPN that will provided in this post and a working config file.

Note that the MTN free browsing cheat that will be provided in this post are not all unlimited, you maybe lucky to get free 1.5GB data for free browsing but most people say it capped at 1GB. Enjoy while it last.




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MTN 0.0k settings for eProxy

MTN 0.0k for eProxy was published some days ago and the epro configurations are still working perfectly. I suggest you check it out.


MTN 0.0k config for http injector

To use this MTN free browsing cheat you need to download and install http injector on your android device.


Then simply import the MTN http injector .ehi config file.

Hit connect and start browsing free.

To download the MTN 0.0k http injector config – MTN ehi 1 .



MTN KPN Tunnel 0.0k Unlimited Free Browsing

With the latest MTN KPN Tunnel config you can browse free. To download the latest KPN tunnel config – click here KPN Config 1


Trending:  How to Configure MTN Hammer VPN cheat on Phone and PC.

All credits goes to LTN.

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