University Degrees with the Highest Employment Opportunity in Nigeria

They are many profitable courses to study in Nigerian universities today but before applying for any degree, it is logical to think carefully, because studies have shown that some particular degrees can increase your employment opportunities and also your income. This explains why most undergraduates take up profitable majors like Law, Medicine and Engineering. 



Therefore, I’m going to be list the Most Profitable University degrees in Nigeria and the Most Lucrative Job Sectors in Nigeria that fresh graduates should look towards.
Highest Paid Degrees in Nigeria
Oil & Gas – To me, this is where all the money is. And I know many people will agree that the oil & gas sector is the most lucrative in Nigeria. Graduates with university degrees like Petro-Chemical Engineering have a higher chance of securing employment in this field. 
However, engineers in any discipline are requested for during recruitment and they all earn the same salary at entry level until when they fully undergo in-house training by the firm.
This is like every engineers dream job in Nigeria, as fresh graduates in the Oil & Gas sector in Nigeria can earn about N5 – N9M per annum. This is definitely one of the best paid jobs in Nigeria.

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Medicine – Without much argument, we can say that medicine is about the highest paid profession in the world, but the question is, what about here in Nigeria. How lucrative is medicine and which field of medicine is the highest-paid.
Well, I’m sure they are thousands of undergraduates who are studying to one day become Surgeons, Obstetricians, Pediatricians, Psychiatrist or even Gynecologist and are asking this same question. I’m not a doctor but studies have shown that of all the various fields of medicine I listed, In Nigeria, A Surgeon definitely earns more.
 But internationally an Orthopedic Surgeon is the highest paid doctor, followed by a Cardiologist; these doctors make an average of $465,000 and $462,000 respectively, which is a lot of money. I can’t say the same about our Nigerian Doctors, but from research, the salary range for some high-demand medical fields like Obstetricians and Surgeons is about N3N – N6.2M.

Information Technology – Nigeria’s Telecommunication sector has rapidly developed over the years. Nigeria has Largest ICT market in Africa, therefore making the telecommunication sector very profitable. There is an on-going digital evolution in Nigeria which is currently taking place in all sectors. 

The recent introduction of services such Bio-metric registrations, E-banking, 4G LTE networks, and Digital Voters Card etc. show that the country has really development in terms of I.T.  These are the reasons why this sector thereby creates a vast employment opportunity for job seekers.
University Graduates with the degrees in Majors like Computer Science, System Engineering, Management Information System, and Communication Technology etc. will definitely have an edge in employment into this field. It would interest you to know that a fresh I.T graduate at entry level can earn as much as N400,000 per month. Although it depends on the kind of establishment, I can’t really say which establishment pays more in this field but I hope you find a suitable job. The salary range is said to be between N3.5 – N6M
There’ve been recent financial dispute between the NMA and FG, all this leads to speculations that Nigerian doctors are underpaid. They have been rumors indicating that doctors in general hospital are paid less than N1M per annum. Whether this is true or not, medical degrees still remains one of the most profitable University Degree in Nigeria.
Banking and InvestmentIn Nigeria today, investment banking is considered as one of the top ranking job sectors, Graduates with degrees in Banking and Finance, Marketing, Economics, Accounting and other business related degrees are more likely to end up in this lucrative field, although during recruitment the level of professional qualification is the major factor not the discipline, but its advisable to fully certified in field. Certificates in ICAN, ACCA and so on, will definitely increase employment opportunities.
If you are wondering how much you can earn by working in a Banking and Investment sector, it may interest you to know that a fresh graduate of Bank and Finance can earn about N2M per annum. And the pay will increase when they are fully certified.
Reviewing the Best Paid Jobs in Nigeria
At entry & mid level the following jobs are considered as the highest paid jobs in Nigeria today. They are listed in no particular order;
  •  Telecommunications and I.T
  • Software Developers & Programmers
  • Oil and Gas Engineers (Petrol-Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical)
  • Medical Doctors
  • Commercial Pilots – Being a commercial pilot in Nigeria is also a lucrative career but unfortunately they aren’t many aviation schools in Nigeria. The Nigeria college of Aviation Technology Zaria is probably the best aviation school. The profession is said to very daring, as more people have phobias for frequent air travels. I guess that’s one of the reasons why commercial pilots earn as much as N3 – N8m per annum.

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