Problems and Solution to MOJEC Prepaid Meter Errors

The MOJEC Micro-star Prepaid Electricity Meter is commonly used by Nigerian electricity DISCOs.  For customers who need to troubleshoot their prepaid meters, this post will provide answers to some frequently asked question about the MOJEC prepaid meter.

Meaning and Solution to Prepaid Meter Showing Link Error

  • The Customer Interface Unit is not having a strong communication link with your meter through the power source.
  • Weak batteries inserted into the Customer Interface Unit.
  • The Customer Interface Unit not married with the meter
  • The socket the Customer Interface Unit is plugged to is not being supplied by EKEDC Power Supply.
  • There is no power supply indication on the meter.


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In this case, the following is advised:

  • Change the batteries to new batteries. The batteries should be strong enough to power on the Customer Interface Unit.
  • Change the outlet where the Customer Interface Unit plugged.
  • Go through Step Two above to marry the Customer Interface Unit with meter.
  • Synchronize your keypad with the wall meter by inputting this numbers;

5258 + 5th digit to 12th digit of your meter number (do not put the last digit).




• E. G. If your meter number is 0101-16033302-3. Your synchronizing pin will be 525816033302.

Kindly input the pin and press the enter key. You will get a response showing ACCEPTED.

NOTE: Always endeavor to load the Main token first before the bonus token (CAPMI Scheme)

  • Always endeavor to load token in order of purchase to avoid error.


Meaning and Solution to Meter Showing REJECT error

The meter tariff is different from what the meter number was programmed on. In this case a Key Change Token is required.

The Electricity Credit Token entered into the meter is wrong.

For token showing REJECT, kindly visit any EKEDP outlet closest to you or send an e-mail to [email protected]



Meaning and Solution to Old Error

  • A recently generated Electricity Credit Token has been loaded.
  • The actual Credit Token was loaded before the Bonus Token.
  • In this case, this error will be displayed when the Bonus Token is loaded.

In this case, the following is advised:

Contact EKEDP Customer Care and scan a copy of the purchased Credit Token to [email protected] with your contact details, date of purchase and amount clearly showing.


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