How to Make Money on Fiverr in Nigeria

Starting a business is not an easy endeavor — however, utilizing a bigger platform can be a way to growth hack your startup. 

Getting on a platform like Fiverr, a site where freelance workers can connect with employers looking for their skills is one of the best ways to jump-start your service business. The site’s success stories show how normal people have been able to use the platform to create massive success.

While freelancing, you can work on awesome projects with excellent clients whenever you have the time to do so, and stop working whenever you need.

Fiverr is the best marketplace where you can earn money by doing any kind of gigs starting at 5 dollars. The name Fiverr has a five in it, because you offer services for 5$.



In this article, I am going to share with you how to make cool money on Fiverr.





Here are basic skills you can offer on fiverr

  • Graphic & Design 
  • Online Marketing, Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation, Music & Audio
  • Programming, Tech, Advertising
  • Business, Lifestyle, Gifs, Fun
  • Voice actor…..

There are thousands of different services (gigs) offered on Fiverr, and the services that you can sell on this website is unlimited.


Your idea, your gig that you are offering can be completely nuts, and you might be surprised that people will actually pay for it. Also, of course it is important to choose something that you enjoy doing.



After making a decision on what you can do and offer as services (gigs) on fiverr, the next step is to register on fiverr and get set to meet various clients





Once you’ve registered on fiverr, edit your profile details and link your account to other links as you desire i.e. social accounts 

Then you need to set — up a gig, a gig is a job that lasts a certain period of time


Here are some other titles I have used as well –

  • I will create an AMAZING Animation For $5
  • I will create a UNIQUE logo For $5
  • I will build a RESPONSIVE website For $50

Feel free to play around — you get the idea!



Setting up the right tags and keywords for your gig description plays a vital role on how much clients will discover your gig and how it ranks on fiverr list of services to appear to clients 

A lot of people don’t realize this.




Once you have everything setup and your Fiverr gig is live,

Pay attention, you have the option of adding a video to your gig to make it stand out. Again this helps to boost your gig rankings. 

A lot of people are seeking that ever-elusive “passive income”. I hate that term.

A lot of passive income is just doing a lot of work up front, Fiverr is semi-passive, with much of the work happening up front and the rest happening once a client orders.


10 Essential tips that I learned to get more sales on fiverr

  1. Profile picture is very important
  2. Having an animated video explaining my gig converted about 20% better than using just images.
  3. CAPITALIZE one word that you want to draw attention to.
  4. Test different categories for your gig and measure which one converts best.
  5. Highlight, bold, italics.
  6. Communication is Key
  7. Set your unique prices
  8. Give samples and use good pictures.
  9. ACCURATE tags & keywords
  10. Being active on fiver community forum 



Fiverr also has awesome features like levels, where when you level up you get more options like being able to charge up to $200 for a single gig.

So now you have an understanding how to make money on Fiverr — what are you holding on for?

Go and make your first dollar online right now!

If you have any questions about how to make money with Fiverr then please feel free to ask them in the comments below.


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