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This post will provide the latest NYSC Updates on Registration, Mobilization, Timetable, Printing of Call Up Letter for Batch A & B (stream 1 & 2).


Below is an update on NYSC Medical fitness report;

The NYSC management has clearly stated that the NYSC medical fitness Report is a Pre-requisite for entering various NYSC orientation camps across the countries. Therefore any PCM who fails to present his/her NYSC medical certificate will not be mobilized for service. This post will provide full details on the required NYSC medical fitness test on your certificate, how to get your NYSC medical fitness report and a sample of NYSC fitness report.


About NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate

The NYSC medical fitness certificate that ascertains the medical fitness and health status of PCMs who wishes to be mobilized for NYSC. This was done to ensure the safety of corp members during and their camp orientation. The report should only be gotten from a Government owned or Military hospital.