Latest Free to Air Channels on MYtv, Multi TV using a Strong Decoder

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Free to Air channels can be viewed from all parts of Nigeria on various platforms using satellite television reception equipment’s. There are more than 23 satellites broadcasting TV channels in West Africa, and the most popular device used for receiving FTA channels in Nigeria is a Strong Receiver.




Strong decoders are used by various PAY-TV platforms and have various models, all of which can be used to scan and receive lots of Free-to-Air channels from broadcasting satellites.

In this post, I’m going to be sharing the latest FTA frequencies to view free tv channels using your satellite dish and receiver and also how you can upgrade your strong decoder to the latest software. By adjusting your settings on your strong decoder you can scan new frequencies of available free to air channels in Nigeria.






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Before we begin, ensure you are using an original strong decoder. This is because fake strong receiver are very unstable and can be damaged easily. Therefore beware of fake strong receiver that are in the market, always purchase from authorized dealers only. My TV subscribers can make use of the strong SRT 4935 & SRT 4672 receivers to view free channels.



List of Strong Free to View Receivers
SRT 4992
SRT 4992A
SRT 4992D+
SRT 4950
SRT 4950H
SRT 4950M
SRT 4930
SRT 4930L
SRT 4900
SRT 4910
SRT 4669X
Buy Original Strong Decoder – Click HERE or Contact My TV or Strong Technology dealers on their website and locate the retail outlet nearest to you to purchase a decoder.


How to Scan Strong Receivers to get Free To Air Channels

To receive WAP TV, Channels, Rave TV, KBS World and much more, scan the following FTA frequencies using the instructions below;
  • Switch on your Strong Decoder
  • Go to installations and enter your code. The default code is (0000)
  • Click on manual settings and add the settings below;
Satellite: Eutelsat 16A
Orbit Position: 16 Degrees East
Transponder Frequeny: 12.521MHz
Polarization: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 30.000Ms/s
FEC rate: 5/6


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New FTA Channels on Astra 2F (Multi TV) at 28.2° East. 

You can also blind scan the position or to scan 12.576 / H or V / 11.000 to start viewing the channels below;
Sport +
Joy prime
Adom tv
GBC 24
GTV Govern
GTV life
Obonu tv

You can also scan 11673 / V or H / 1528 & 11680 / V or H /1528 to receive Niger 24 & RTT Niamey (French Speaking Channels).



Note that if your stronger decoder has difficulties in scanning and detecting these channels, you then need to optimize your dish and LNBF in order to fix this issue. I advise you contact your local technician to assist you in rectifying the problem.



Top FTA frequencies for Strong Decoders
The following Free-to Air Satellite frequency have the best channels which offer quality content such sport, news and entertainments.
1) Satellite: Intelsat 20
Orbit Position: 68.5 Degrees East
LNB: Universal
Transponder Frequeny: 12.522MHz
Polarization: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 29.950Ms/s
FEC rate: ¾



2) Satellite: Intelsat 20
Orbit Position: 68.5 Degrees East
LNB: Universal
Transponder Frequeny: 12.722MHz
Polarization: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 26.657Ms/s
FEC rate: ½



3) Satellite: Eutelsat 16A
Orbit Position: 16 Degrees East
Transponder Frequeny: 12.521MHz
Polarization: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 30.000Ms/s
FEC rate: 5/6

How to Upgrade Strong Decoder using a USB flash drive

Some of benefits of upgrading your decoder firmware is that a new software comes with new and improved features that will allow you perform more functions and also enable your receiver to function properly by optimizing its performance.



Requirements and Procedures to Upgrade Strong Decoders.
Before you begin make sure you have the following;
A working Strong Decoder
  • A USB flash drive – Make use you format the flash drive.
  • Stable Power Supply – Ensure you are running on a stable power supply. AVOID POWER CUTS during the upgrade, this will damage your receiver.
  • Latest Strong Decoder Software – Visit strong technology website, select your model and download your decoder software by clicking HERE or Powervu Upgrade – HERE (Make sure you select the right decoder model & download the correct software)
  • When the software download is complete, copy Strong Decoder Software into the flash.
  • Switch on your decoder > Press Menu > USB > Data transfer > Choose the Flash drive > Select the software and press OK.


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This is a complete list of some best digital satellite receiversin the market that can be used to track and watch various FTA channels. Other advantages of these decoder is they offer PVR timeshift functionality, HD viewing & IPTV, Youtube, Google Maps, Weather , Gmail , Internet Games etc. via USB Wifi. Most of them also come with HDMI cable, Wi-Fi antenna and remote. 



These decoders are also considered to be the best  quality free-to-air satellite receivers to track these frequencies in countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Benin republic, Togo etc
  • Strong Decoder
  • iSmart M100 Full HD FTA Satellite Receiver & IPTV- Mini Size
  • BAMBA TV Decoder
  • JynxBox Ultra HD V3 FTA Satellite Receiver Wi-Fi Edition
  • X2 Premium HD PVR FTA Satellite Receiver – Special Edition
  • X2-fta Dvb-s Mini Digital Satellite Receiver (New Version)
  • Jynxbox Ultra HD Lite FTA Satellite Receiver with
  • JB200 + ViewTV HDMI Cable and Universal Remote
  • FTA Complete Glorystar Satellite One Room HD DVR – Free to Air Television


Update August 16th – Hello, a new FTA channel have been added. It is currently on Astra 2F (Multi TV position) satellite and can be received using your strong decoder and other FTA decoders.
African Movie Net – to get this entertainment channel scan the following frequency – 11094 H 30000. Satelite Astra 2F (Multi TV position).

Update July 26th: Good News!, From August 5th, you can Watch all Rio Olympic Games FTA on TV5monde Africa using your strong decoder.


See the tutorial below on how to blind scan your Strong Receiver to get TV5monde and other new FTA channels.
TV5 monde Africa – You can watch the French Ligue 1 football games of TV5 Monde. To get this channels simple scan your decoder using frequency below;
Satellite: Eutelsat 16A
Orbital Slot: 16° East 
LNB: Universal
Transponder Frequency: 10,804 MHz
Signal Polarity: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 30,000 Ms/s

Update July 2016: Al Jazeera News is now Free-to-View on Strong Receiver. Scan your decoder using the frequency below;

Satellite: Eutelsat 16A
Orbital Slot: 16° East
Transponder Frequency: 12,521 MHz
Signal Polarity: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 30,000 Ms/s

Update(June 2016): New FTA Frequencies have been added and can be viewed by subscriber in Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast and DRC using a strong decoder The channel names are Televiziona Malagasy and Galaxy TV


Televiziona Malagasy will also be showing live EURO 2016 football matches. To watch this free channels simply apply the following setting to your decoder;


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Channel: Televiziona Malagasy


Satelite: Eutelsat 16A





Channel: Galaxy TV


Satelite: Eutelsat 16A (16 degree east)


Frequency: 12521/H/30000




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