How to Recharge Free TV Nigeria Online and Activate Decoder via Unique ID

Free TV Nigeria subscribers who have difficulties in activating their decoder can now do so swiftly and with easy. This post will explain how to activate and recharge your Free TV Nigeria Decoder and also discuss some solutions to errors frequently experienced.



How to Activate Free TV Nigeria decoder

1 Connect the decoder to an external aerial and follow the on screen welcome message.

2 After a successful scanning, the box will detect services.





3 Copy the selected Unique ID number and send it as an SMS to 0909 996 6669

4 Or for Decoder activation, Reset and other issues call this phone numbers; 0700 388 7277.

5 Your box will receive Entitlement Refresh and should start showing all the TV Channels.


Requesting for Entitlement Refreshment

1 If after receiving an SMS alert from FREETV that your box has been successfully activated and your box has not started showing after 10mins.

2 Or if after 2 days of enjoying your FREETV Channels and your box stops displays DIGITAL PASS EXPIRED as shown in the screen below:

3 Kindly dial your FREETV Phone numbers; 07003887277 or 096233530 and press the Option 2;

Request for entitlement refresh. Use your keypad to key in your 12 digits Unique ID and end it with the #key.

4 Your screen should receive the Entitlement refreshment and start showing the FREETV channels.

5 To confirm that your box has been successfully activated. kindly take the following steps:

I Press the MENU button from your Remote-Control Unit

Ii Using your navigational keys, navigate to SETTINGS

Iii From the SETTING MENU, navigate to DIGITAL TV PASS

IV Your digital TV Pass should show exactly 1 year from the date of activation.

V If your TV Pass shows 01/01/2000, this means your Decoder has not been activated successfully. You need to the go through the steps in REQUESTING FOR ENTILEMENT REFRESH.



How to Recharge Free TV Nigeria

Online Recharge:

Free tv Nigeria customers can now pay their cable bills online by visit –



Dealer Recharge:

You need to buy a recharge card for N1,500 from a freetv dealer or you take your decoder to the dealer office closer to you.

Then SMS DTV UniqueID PIN to 09099966669




Free TV Troubleshooting

If your picture quality is poor and keeps cracking it is advised that you check your antenna and be sure it is in the right direction.

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