Car Owners | Drivers – See Requirements to be an Uber Nigeria Partner or Driver

UBER came into Nigeria with the aim of evolving the taxi transportation business by seamlessly connecting riders to drivers and they have done excellently at it. 

UBER Nigeria Partner Program has also created a lucrative business and employment opportunity for car owners and drivers respectively.
With Uber Nigeria, drivers are their own boss. You get to choose your own working hours. In this post, I’ll be explaining how UBER Nigeria works, How you can make money through UBER Nigeria by answering some FAQs.
How can I call an UBER to come pick me up?
UBER has a mobile application that connects drivers and riders from any location in Lagos, Abuja or other states where UBER Nigeria currently operates.
You can call an UBER taxi by using the uber mobile app. The app then matches the customer to the nearest pre-verified taxi and provides a fare estimate.
How can  download UBER Mobile App?
You can download UBER Nigeria Mobile app for Android or iOS from their respective appstores by simply searching it out.
Is UBER affordable and How do they charge per fare?
The process is automated and very affordable, the UBER app calculates the price according to the distance and time, inorder to determine the fare. An example of an UBER Rate is – N400 base fare + N90/km + N9/minute. Payments can be made with cash or charges are made to rider card. Its is said that about 50% of UBER rides in Nigeria are paid for in cash.
What if I didn’t like the service during the trip?
Rider have the ability to rate the service offered by the Uber driver. If the trip was poor due to bad driving, poor navigation, poor vechicle condition, Rider can rate the trip at the end using the UBER mobile app.




UBER for Drivers and Car Owners (Partners)
How much can I make working with UBER Nigeria?
UBER taxi is a very lucrative business, Its is said that partnering with UBER can earned between N40,000 – N100,000 a week.
How do UBER Nigeria Taxi Drivers get PAID?.
Uber driver really earn a lot depending on how much effort they put it. The more trips you make, the higher your earnings. It is said that UBER drivers get to keep about 75% of the total fare and this payment is made directly into the Uber drivers accounts weekly.
What about Car Insurance, Is it compulsory?!
Yes! its compulsory for all UBER Partner/Driver cars to have comprehensive insurance.
Every business has a downside, what are they disadvantages?
Fuel. You can spend up to N40,000 a week, depening on your trips. type of car or engine size. Its advisable you use vechile that consumes less fuel such Hyundai Accent, Toyota Corolla or Kia Rio.

What type of cars can be used for UBER Nigeria Taxi Business?
UberX Accepted Vehicles
Every four door car 2000 and above.
What are UBER Rates
Lagos Rate
N200 base fare + N55/km + N5.50/minute (N300 minimum fare/N1000 Cancellation fee)
Abuja Rate



N220 base fare + N50/km + N5/minute (N300 minimum fare/N500 Cancellation fee)
How to register as an UBER Driver in Nigeria
To begin click here and follow the instruction.
If you are currently looking for a Job and want to become an UBER Driver, then click hereto see UBER registration requirements.

Below are Uber Nigeria Lagos Contact Details


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