How to Fix “Account Under TEMPORARY MORATORIUM” on MMM.

MMM is currently flourishing in the following countries; South Africa, United Kingdom, Lesotho, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, United States, China, Singapore, Australia, Nigeria, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Canada, Japan. However due to improper use, some members may occasionally have their accounts blockedor put on hold (MORATORIUM).

In this post, I’ll be sharing tips on how to unlock your MMM account and how to fix MORATORIUM.
This problem is very common and can take 15 to 30 days to be resolved. During Moratorium a participant will experience delay in Getting Help. This can be caused by doing the following;
– Change of password
– Editing your banking details
– Deleting your banking details
– Any form of deleting or replacing your personal details.




This is because when an account is hacked, the details are usually altered. Therefore in this case MORATORIUM is more like a security measure taken to protect an account. However, your Mavro will still continue to grow during this period. You will need to provide a valid identification to solve this.

A member can also be put on MORATORIUM for having one bank account on multiple MMM account or having multiple MMM accounts. This can be solved by contacting support and explaining your fraudulent actions.

Below are the steps to fix MORATORIUM;
Log into your MMM Personal office (PO)
Click on Support, then click CREATE to open a ticket like this:
Your message: Share your experience or story
Browse: Upload any relevant document of screenshot (only if necessary)





Click Save to submit ticket.

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  1. Hi igw,I have been on moratorium for almost 2 months as well. You can add me on Whatsapp so we can keep d communicate 08145792105. This is horrible

  2. Hi igw I have the same issue with you since 15th November, am tired and frustrated. I create and cancel my GH order out of frustration but I believed God for MMM stability. My God never fail me

  3. Hi, I have been on moratorium for almost 2 months now, I wrote to support group and they reply me that my problem has been accepted for solutions, I wrote to them again and they replied me that CRO (control and revision office)needs time to review the account.uptill now I have not get a reply. Please help me on what to do I have over 300,000 Naira there. Thank you

  4. Hmm its risky. If you had written to CRO and explained your case. Your old account would have been unlocked in 2 weeks or less.

  5. hello ebuka,my previous mmm account was blocked bcos i couldnt meet up with the payment last 3month.These month decemn
    ber i opened a new bank account with a different bank and i added my native name,which the previous bank account dat was blocked does not have, i registered again on mmm,i was matched to provide help next tomorow,i needed to know if the previous blocked account will affect d new one i just opened.tnx

  6. I have and all they say is wait. so do I wait another one month or a month from 15th Nov

  7. Hi ebuka I've been on moratorium since 15th Nov. I'm woried

  8. Pls I request to GH but not marched with any participant yet I wrote to support they said I have being placed on moraterium, but i don't have any ID card, does it mean they will not lift my account from moraterium until I provide ID CARD .PLS I NEED HELP 08109465908

  9. pls does this mean my problem has been solved…though i havent been matched automatically yet cus my moratorium ends next week tuesday…pls am i save to wait or to write back to them againDear participant! Your request has been closed since your problem has already been solved or you haven't replied to MMM Support Service for 7 days. If you still have any questions – please create a new ticket. If you want to have your problems solved faster, you should follow the recommendations on ticket creation!….

  10. pls does this mean i will b matched once my moratorium reaches its 14 day…i just have 4 dAYS LEFT FOR THE moratorium to b complete 2 weeks to get helo…Dear participant! Your request has been closed since your problem has already been solved or you haven't replied to MMM Support Service for 7 days. If you still have any questions – please create a new ticket. If you want to have your problems solved faster, you should follow the recommendations on ticket creation!…

  11. Please is there a way of knowing if you are under moritorium. Does it show on your dashboard. How do you know. Wasn't matched for GH for 24hrs now

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