How to Back Up your Contacts on your Networks Database

Backing up your contact is very important, but also the back-up location is another vital factor that everyone needs to consider. I once backed up my contact on my memory card, Phone, SIM and PC and thought it was completely safe until I lost them all due to unforeseen circumstances.

I then decided to look for a more reliable back-up location that can’t be affected by loss, theft or damage, and that was how I started backing up my mobile contacts on my mobile networks server.  The option turned out to be very safe and reliable because every data will be stored on a secure account on your service provider’s database and can be accessed and synchronized at any time by the owner.  




The Back Up service is available on MTN, GLO Airtel and Etisalat Nigeria, and the service is very affordable. I’m going to show you how it’s done for the sake of those who aren’t too familiar with the service.

How to Back up Your Contacts on Etisalat Nigeria
This service is called Easybackup and it allows users backup their phone and SIM contacts to a safe portal using their mobile number and Easybackup password. For now, the service is only supported on Android and Blackberry Devices.

To subscribe for this service Send SUB to 48900 and click on the link in the message you’ll receive. This will begin a download.
When the application is fully installed, register by entering your Username (Your Number) and Password (PIN you received when you subscribed).

You can now sync your contacts. You can also log on to to manage you data.

How to Restore Your Contacts on Etisalat Nigeria
To restored your contacts to a new device, insert your SIM (same SIM you used to register for the service) to that device and download the Easybackup App by visiting
Once the app is downloaded, login and then sync your contacts to your new device.
For more information, See FAQ’s HERE
How to Back up Your Contacts on Glo
This service is called Glo Backup and it very easy to use. The service can be activated in two ways, either by contacting their customer care or by using the “Glo service” menu on your phone.

1stMethod: To activate via customer, you can tweet @Glocare or call 121, you’ll then logon on to once your request have been approved to start your synchronization using the details giving to you.
2ndMethod: Glo subscribers can also do this using the “Glo Service” menu on their phone. Just locate Glo back up and follow the instruction giving to you.

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How to Back up Your Contacts on Airtel
 This service is called Airtel Back Up. And it can be activated in 3 ways, they are;
You can activate this service by simply sending “mybackup” to 522.
  • Visit Airtel Phone Back up and sign up.
  • Downloading the Airtel Back up app from App store.
  • After activating the service, you can then follow the instructions given to back up or restore your contacts.

How to Back up Your Contacts on MTN Nigeria
This service is called MTN Backup, it enables subscriber to backup and restore their contact by making use of the “Back up” function located in the SIM service menu on their phones.
To do this simply located MTN Services>MTN Backup>Backup Contacts, then click OK.

Subscribers should note that using this service attracts a fee of N100 for the 1sttime. After then it will cost N50 to back up or Restore contacts.
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