How to Login – Convert BBNCoin to Blockchain BBN Coin

The content in this post is published according to the information obtained from BBN Chat groups. Hope you find it helpful.

As previously stated in that letter, we will be launching our Initial Coin Offering. Just before we do that, we want you, our esteemed and loyal customer to be the first to enjoy the Pre-ICO deal.

This deal will only occur through a migration process that will run for a week. During this process, you will be able to convert your current BBNcoin to a Blockchain-based BBNcoin.

Why Blockchain? We know you always wanted to ask. So here’s the simple answer. Blockchain is reputed as the standard for trust when it comes to Cryptocurrency because it promotes transaction transparency, reduces fraud and ensures efficacy.

And here are the main features of your BBNcoin being on Blockchain.
·  Personal
·  Simple
·  Secure

During the forthcoming Pre-ICO, you will notice and experience a decrease in the number of your BBNcoins. This is by no means a loss or shortage of your current BBNcoin. Rather, this is merely a conversion exercise that will ensure you can readily convert your BBNcoin to Bitcoin or any other hot coin ( cryptocurrency coins, that will also be made know )

In short, your BBNcoin will be more valuable being on Blockchain and by so, you stand to gain rather than lose.

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About The Pre-ICO

The Pre-ICO will be available to all existing Funders to take part. During the Pre-ICO, Funders will be given the opportunity to convert their existing coin in their wallet to the New BBNCOIN developed on Blockchain.




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  1. Does this information means that Bbncoin is already in block chain? Of cause I've not seen Bbncoin on block chain.
    Clarify please

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