Tanzanian Bongo Flava Latest 2018 Songs

If you are looking for the best East African Tanzanian bongo music from top bongo flava artists in Africa then you’re in luck because this post will provide the latest bongo music of the month from all your favorite Tanzanian musicians .

Bongo Flava is a genre of East African music popular among Tanzanian youths. This genre of music is also appreciate in other African countries such Kenya Uganda etc.




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Top Tanzanian Bongo Flava Artistes

Bongo flava has produced various artiste from its genre that are very well recognised across Africa and the globally. These artiste have promoted Bongo music worldwide and have also won several awards.

Some Bongo flava artistes are Ali Kiba, Juma Nature, Lady Jaydee, Mzungu Kichaa, Geezy Mabovu, Q Chillah, T.I.D., Diamond Platnumz, R.O.M.A. and new artists of Bongo Flava like Nay wa Mitego, Ben Pol, Aslay , Dogo Fani.




Hottest Tanzanian Songs of the Moment

Below are the hottest Tanzanian songs at the moment that are currently trending on various music charts across shows Africa; 

Harmonize & Diamond Platnumz – Kwangwaru


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Omarion & Diamond Platnumz – African Beauty


Maua Sama – Iokote


Harmonize – Atarudi



Diamond Platnumz – Sikomi



Aslay – Kwatu



Rayvanny & Diamond Platnumz – Iyena



Harmonize – Happy Birthday



Nandy – Aibu


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There you have it, these are the top 10 Tanzanian songs at the moment, also check out the latest Naija songs for the month and Top 10 Kenyan Songs 2018

This post will be updated frequently with the latest Tanzanian songs of the month, so bookmark this page and check back later.

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