Gospel Music Africa Reality TV Show – Starting Date and How to Register for Audition

GMA is the first of its kind and the biggest music reality competition in Africa. It is not a denominational spur, but an act towards inspiring and nurturing young, talented gospel singers in the spirit of true praise and worship, as we seek to celebrate Jesus the more.

Gospel Music Africa will present a unique contemporary innovation that will give hope, sooth hearts, and uplift God’s royal banner in these days of uneven stress and will raise a generation of young people accustomed to godly values; integrity, honesty, self esteem, unity and passion for God.
The Gospel Music Africa Reality TV Show, SEASON 1 is hosted and supported by Cross Rivers State Government.
GMA Starting Dates
Gospel Music Africa (GMA) competition is officially set to kick off auditions in Nigeria on April 19, 2018.

GMA is the biggest gospel music reality TV competition and the first of its kind in Africa with online registrations grossing over 400,000 from 25 countries across the continent.
List of Countries Participating in Gospel Music Africa
Participating countries include Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya, Liberia, Cameroun, Uganda, Lesotho, Niger, Gambia, Togo, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Congo, Malawi and Zambia.
GMA Audition Dates and Venue
GMA Auditions will hold in Abuja on April 19, Owerri (April 22) and Lagos April (30).

GMA Prize Package
The music reality TV competition will have only 30 contestants battle to become the King or Queen of Gospel Music in Africa. Prizes to be won include a cash prize of $20,000, a brand new car and international recording deals.

for more info visit gospelmusicafrica.org

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