FTA Sport and Nollywood Channel Frequencies and Symbol Rate

The latest Nollywood and sport channels free to air frequencies and symbol rate from various satellites are now available. There are numerous FTA satellites channels that can be easily tracked in west African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Benin republic and so on, however not many can broadcast nollywood and sport content for free due to legal reason.



Here you will get the latest free to air channels and their frequencies to watch free Nollwood and sport channels on your FTA decoders.

This post will list fta frequencies on Multi position and other FTA satellites frequencies. Multi TV is one of the most popular FTA cable providers in Africa. Its located on Astra 2F (Multi TV) at 28.2° East.

You can get more channels on your Multi tv, Strong receiver and other FTA Decoders using these frequency and symbol rate below;




Latest Free to air Channels and their Frequencies

Mega Choice at 29/30° East TP: 11294 H: 45000 Dish: 1 m
Multi TV (Astra2F) at 28.2°, 28.5° and 26° East TP: 11595 H: 30000 Dish: 1 m
Hotbird at 13° East TP:11541 H:22000 Dish: 3m
AFN at 9° East TP: 11804 H: 27500 Dish: 1 m
Eutelsat at 36° East TP: 12245 H: 27500
Eutelsat at 7° East TP: 11599 H: 27500 Dish: 1 m
Eutelsat at 15° East Dish: 0.9 m
Sirius 4 at 5° East Dish: 0.9 m
Intelsat 20 at 68.5° East TP: 12633 H: 16166 Dish: 0.6 m
Intelsat 7 at 68.5° East TP: 12722 H: 26657 Dish: 0.6 m
Ses at 4.8° East TP: 12014 H: 30000 Dish: 0.6 m (0.9 m recommended)
NSS7 at 22° West TP: 10986 H: 30000 Dish: 0.6 m

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You can also watch free Nollywood and sport channels on TSTV. TSTV Africa is Nigeria cable TV provider, they show Nollywood movies and other entertaining Nigerian content.  TSTV Africa is currently undergoing a test transmission and all their channels are FTA.


Below is TSTV channels new frequency and symbol rate;


(01) Aljazeera news,
(02) AIT News,
(03) AHTV,
(04) A1 kids,
(05) A1 kidsjr,
(06) Afriwood series,
(07) BBC news,
(08) Bright tv,
(09) CGTN news,
(10) CGTN Documentary,
(11) Cinema Hausa,
(12) DW news,
(13) EWTN Africa,
(14) Emmanuel tv,
(15) France24 News,
(16) Fox News,
(17) Fight tv,
(18) Grande gospel,
(19) Grande sport 1,
(20) Grande sport 2,
(21) Grande comedy,
(22) Hits tv,
(23) Hits Africa,
(24) Iqra tv,
(25) Kiddiwinks tv,
(26) Kbs world tv,
(27) Lol tv,
(28) Life tv,
(29) Mama Africa movies,
(30) Mama Africa Hausa,
(31) Mama Africa Igbo,
(32) Mama Africa Yoruba,
(33) Mbc 2,
(34) Mbc 4,
(35) Mbc Action,
(36) Mbc Max,
(37) Mbc Bollywood,
(38) NTA news,
(39) NHk world,
(40) Nat Geo Wild,
(41) Preach tv,
(42) Press tv news,
(43) RT news,
(44) RT Documentary,
(45) Romanza+ africa,
(46) Sport connect,
(47) TRT news,
(49) True Africa,
(50) English Club
(51) Channels tv news,

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11.090 30000,
11.170 30000,
11.130 30000.



These are the latest fta satellite frequencies and symbol rate that currently have free Nollywood and Sport channels. This list will be update frequently.

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