Full Settings for HTTPS(SSL) on Blogger Custom Domain Blogs

Google has recently explained how unsecure it can be to fill forms and login details over a site’s http connection. This has promoted many website owners to implement SSL certificate on their blogs and website. The purpose of enabling https(SSL) is to encrypts information sent between the visitor and web server. Enabled an SSL connection on your blog or website will also give you an SEO boost.






    Google’s new policy will blacklist non-HTTPS websites that collect sensitive data such as emails, password, credit card details etc from visitors.

    Warning: https is currently not available for custom domain blogs

    However enabling https has been a challenge for Blogger blogs using a custom domain. When you try enabling https on Blogger, its fails and displays a message saying ” Warning: https is currently not available for custom domain blogs “

    Therefore at the moment, it seems blogger has limited the https feature to subdomains only (xyz.blogspot.com).

    Steps to Enable free HTTPS (SSL) on Blogger

    This post will show your how to How To Migrate From HTTP To HTTPS On Blogger Blog with custom domain using Cloudflare’s free CDN (Content Delivery Network). Before I begin,I will like to list out some benefits of SSL HTTPS certificates;
    1. Improve your blog’s ranking on Google and other search engines
    2. Makes your blog fast using CDN
    3. Makes a secure connection between your blog and visitors
    4. Your Blog will look more professional
    To Begin,
    * Create a new Cloud Flare account – Click Here , add your blog custom domain to it and click on “ Scan DNS Records.” This will provide a custom nameserver for your blog’s integration. Now click ‘continue’.

    * Select a Free CloudFlare Plan

    * CloudFlare will provide two custom name servers, you need to replace those with your default domain servers by adding Cloudflare’s nameservers in your Domain name from your Domain registrar dashboard. Once you replace your nameservers with Cloudflare’s nameserver, this means your domain is now using the Content Delivery Network. It will then take at most 24 hours to propagate.
    * Now to enable SSL(https) certificates on your Blogger blog’s custom domain, go to the “Crypto” tab on CloudFlare’s account and select the “Flexible” option from the SSL section.

    * Now you have to redirect your blogs http domain, sub-domains, and Permalinks from HTTP to HTTPS.

    Go to the “Page Rules” tab and then you have to add 3 Page Rules.

    Rule 1
    if the URL matches: http://*YourDomain.com/*
    Locate and Click Settings, Set it to “Always Use HTTPS”.
    Rule 2
    if the URL matches: http://YourDomain.com/*
    then the settings are: Forwarding URL >> 301 – Permanent Redirect.
    Bottom URL: https://YourDomain.com/$1
    Rule 3
    if the URL matches: https://YourDomain.com/*
    then the settings are: Forwarding URL >> 301 – Permanent Redirect.
    Bottom URL: https://YourDomain.com/$1
    These page rules will help redirect both the www and the non-www version of your HTTPS-enabled blog.
    * Now Change Security Options, go to “Firewall” >> “Security Level” >> Change it from Medium to “Low”. This will protect from bad browsers and bots.
    That’s it. By following these steps, You’ve successfully migrated your Blogger hosted blog from http to https. Note that you will have to wait for some hours for the changes to take effect. 

    Solution to Mixed Content Error After SSL  migration

     After the migration, your blog may start show and info sign after loading in https, this is caused by a mixed content issue.  This happens when some of your files such as JS, Images are requesting to load using HTTP instead of the newly installed https. To solve this replace all http with https by following the steps below;

    This is very tasking so, I also advice you back up your template.

    Go to themes >> Edit HTML >> Using CTRL + F search for HTTP. This will display lot of URLS. Now replace all these HTTP with HTTPS. ( both images and external links). All do this in widgets under layout.
    However if you are using default blogger search box, then you will also have a problem with the mixed content error. This should fix mixed content issues. Use CTRL + Shift + J to find and verify if there is any mixed content error.
    <form expr:action=’data:blog.searchUrl’>

     and replace with



     <form expr:action=’data:blog.searchUrl.https’>

     Then save your template

    Now Google will need to crawl and index your https blog, therefore you need to do the following;
    1. Update your Robot.txt files
    Go to Dashboard > Search Preference > Crawler Settings
    Replace old robot text with this;
    ur old robots.txt file with below one.
    User-agent: Mediapart
    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /search
    Allow: /
    Sitemap: https://www.yourdomain.com/sitemap.xml
    Now save your robots.txt file.
    2. Important
    Please note that you don’t need to add a new property if you are using Google Webmaster Tool. This can degrade the SEO ranking of your website. SO you can keep them as it is

    Good luck.

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