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JAMB 2018 Use of English Questions: 80+ Likely/Possible JAMB 2018 Questions in March

PASSAGE I At this time, something like a thousand kinds of animals (vertebrate animals) can be said to be in danger of extinction. A few of them have been reduced to this precarious position by extensive killing but the majority are disappearing only as fast as the particular kind of untry they need for existence […]

Free 30+ Likely/Possible JAMB 2018 Commerce Questions and Answers for March

2018 JAMB Likely Commerce Questions and Answers for revision purposes. 1 :- Alpha Limited manufacturers consumes goods. It prepares a document to accompany the goods to be exported . The document prepared by alpha limited IS CORRECT ANSWER = A certificate of origin 2 :- Granting credit facilities t consumers is a function of CORRECT […]