Features and Price of Dstv Explora Wifi Connector in Nigeria

Want to connect your DSTV Explora to the internet? Here you will get the retail price of the DSTV Wifi Connector in Nigeria and where you can buy the DSTV Wifi Connector for your Explora Decoder.


With the DStv WiFi Connector, DSTV subscribers using Explora can connect their decoder to the internet and enjoy even more entertainment. With DSTV WiFi connector you can;

  • Get Access to DSTV CatchUp+
  • Record from wherever
  • Download or Stream shows

Get more content than you imagine




The DStv WiFi Connector is a device that links your DStv Explora to the router in your home. It does so easily and wirelessly. By linking your DStv Explora to the internet, you get access to Connected Services – namely DStv Catch Up Plus and Remote Recordings.

The DSTV WiFi Connector can be purchased in Nigeria for N6000 at any Multichoice branch office nearest to you.




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