DStv and Gotv Decoder Problem Solutions & Installation Tips



This post will provide solutions to problems on DStv and Gotv Decoder by discussing various steps on how to troubleshoot your decoders and fix various errors such as no signal, freezing, software updates etc



Meaning of DSTV Blinking Indicator Lights (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow)




GOtv Recovery Procedure for UEC and Pace Decoder


UEC Decoder:

>From front Panel of the box, hold P+ key and power on box

>Wait until Green LED is flashing

>Release the P+ key

>Wait for the Green LED to stop flashing

>Press P- P- P+ P+.


Pace Decoder:

>Unplug the power cable

>Plug in the power cable while holding down the reset button on the box

>Wait until all led’s are on

>Enter the Disaster recovery sequence 0,1,0,1 (P-,P+,P-,P+)


>Box will flash two amber led’s

>Wait for flash to be erased and box to boot up with FTI screen



Solution to DSTV EXPLORA being stuck on the Loading Screen

When you experience a problem with the Explora being stuck on the loading screen, it might be necessary to format the harddrive to get it to work again. However, the customer will lose all recordings, the catchup titles will disapppear and will only become available again after 48hrs.


The procedure to format the harddrive is as follows

Press the power button until the decoder shuts down (blank front panel).

Press and hold the P+ button until the word “CODE” appears

Press P-P+P-P+, the number 0101 will appear on the front panel

A HDDF message will appear on the front panel, press P+ to confirm

The decoder will go into a sequence. Do not interrupt the sequence until you see the word PASS on the front panel.

The decoder will then load and display a picture.



How to use one DSTV Explora Switch to Connect two Exploras

You can use one Explora switch to connect two Exploras,

However, you will need to change the Home Network settings for one of the Exploras

Use the following setting

Tuner 1 Frequency 1892

Tuner 2 Frequency 2040

Tuner 3 Frequency 1680

Tuner 1 Index 2

Tuner 2 Index 3

Tuner 3 Index 4

If these settings are not changed, you will experience picture breaks and even signal losses on one of the Exploras


Advantage of Gotv Decoder Software Upgrade

If your GOtv decoder has the latest software, it will not revert to last watched channel, after a power failure. If the decoder takes you to the welcome channel, it therefore means its sitting on the old software.







Pace 2P (865):


Front Panel Procedure:


  1. Reboot the decoder and then press the three (3) buttons, UHF, P+ and TV/AUD: Simultaneously.
  2. Wait until you see the text “resetting” scrolling across the front panel display, then release the three (3) buttons and then press PLAY to confirm erase.
  3. Once erase is complete, the front panel will display “PASS” and then the decoder reboot and the scan.
  4. Decoder will then tune to channel 100.


Pace 4 tuner (850):


Front Panel Procedure:


  1. Reboot the decoder via the front panel or by removing the power,
  2. then press and keep pressing EXIT, STOP and P+ – Simultaneously until you see “clearing flash” on the front panel.
  3. Once this is displayed release all the buttons and then press OK button.
  4. The decoder will then display PASS on the front panel and then reboot followed by a scan and tune to channel 100.


NOTE: The flash memory erase will delete your personalized settings such as aspect ratio, language preference, as well xtraview settings such as communication port. It is always advisable that the customer take note of those settings more especially the xtraview communication port as this will impact negatively on the heartbeat transmission.


The scheduled recordings list, reminders and favourite channels are also affected but recordings in the playlist, Boxoffice and Catch-up titles are not affected.




DSTV E30 Problems and How to Fix it


There are numerous reported issues on E30. This normally occurs on the HD decoders.

An E30 is generally caused by the decoder not being able to read the messaging from one of the LNB inputs.

If the error message does not disappear on its own, do the following, if the services are active

Check the signal level and quality on both tuners.

If the skew for the installation is not correct, the customer will continuously experience this problem

Check if all the cables are connected securely.



A reset will sometimes resolve the issue, if the signal quality and signal level are sufficient.





Source: Multichoice Africa Installers

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