How to Watch FTA Channels with PC using DVB Cards & PowerVu Emulator

This post will discussing about how to track FTA channels on PC using some major devices such as DVB cards, DVB Players and powervu emu 2.8.
Due to the frequent need to update satellite receiver firmware to the latest powervu autoroll version, this is fast becoming the latest method to watch MTN worldwide, Sony Package or FTA channels.

How to use PowerVu Emu 2.8 to Watch Sport 24 HD on PC via DVB Card






    Some of the requirement needed to track and watch fta channels on your PC are a DVB player, DVB cards, satellite dish, LNBf and this is going to be with the aid of an emulator which I explain previously.

    Powervu Emulator and How it Works

    A powervu emulator is a computer software that is programmed to emulate the original software on any powervu official decoder. By so doing, the emulator can open specified powervu channels same as the official decoders.
    Powervu EMU is a standalone DVB emulator plugin. The latest powervu 2.8 emulator software for DVB has some new feature such as an improved hash mode 0 handling for CSA channels and it also fix new algorithm for intelsat20 3900H channels.

    Requirements to Watch Satellite TV on PC via DVB

    * A PC with a minimum requirement of 1GB of ram, 50GB hard disk, Dual-core processor, A minimum video ram of minimum 256mb for HD videos.
    * A DVB Card
    * A satellite dish, LNBf, and a coaxial cable. Note that your dish must be big enough to receive the signal you intend to track. For sony package, you need 2.4 meters from West Africa and for MTN worldwide, you need a minimum of 1.8meters
    * Latest Powervu Emu Software 2.8
    * DVB Player – DVB Dream, SmartDVB, ProgDVB, TSReader
    * Softwares for scanning channels such LAVFilters and crazyscan

    How to configure Powervu Emu 2.8 on DVB Players

    How to use it with (DVB-Viewer-Pro):
    – Copy its .dll, .ini & Softcam.Key files to the `Plugins` folder of the DVB-Viewer-Pro.
    – Its key formats are:
    P Ident KeyIndex Key ; Comments
    P IdentVideoPidAudioPid KeyIndex Key ; Comments
    – Disable other plugins that are able to decrypt the PowerVU. Only one plugin is able to decrypt the same TS(Audio/Video) correctly at once. If you are using vPlug, you need to delete its PowerVU.mdl to disable its PowerVU support.
    – Also don’t forget to use a better direct show filter, such as LAVFilters, to avoid glitches.
    Very important: LAVFilters
    For the Usage of (DVBDream):
    – Copy its .dll, .ini & Softcam.Key files to the `Modules` folder of the DVBDream. Then change the extension of the .dll file to .mod.
    Usage (TSReader):
    – Copy its .dll, .ini & Softcam.Key files to the `MDPlugins` folder of the TSReader (
    Usage (SmartDVB):
    – Copy its .dll, .ini & Softcam.Key files to the `Plugins` folder of the SmartDVB Their URL: (
    Last but not the least Usage (ProgDVB X86):

    – Copy its .dll, .ini & Softcam.Key files to the `Plugins` folder of the ProgDVB Website: (

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