Xploit Comedy Group Biography and Latest Xploit Comedy Videos

Here fans of exploit comedy will get the latest episodes, best of Xploit comedy Youtube videos and also a brief biography of Xploit comedy group members.

Biography of Xploit Comedy Group

Xploit Comedy Group consist of four young men; Brizy, Chizzy, Lankz, and Lenzi. Xploit Comedy videos are currently one of the most hilarious in the Nigerian digital space.

The group started from a drama group department in church and they later went on to form the Xploit drama group while in the university. Their performances became quite popular in church and people began to notice how hilarious they were which then made them take their talents to greater heights. According to brizzy the inspiration came from the fans.

“We started with Facebook and that is the platform that has our highest number of fans. Even though we had always had the Instagram account, we did not start focusing on it until about a year ago so it was dormant. We did not really show interest in it because we were busy building our brands through Facebook and YouTube. It was recently that we began to invest our time and energy on our Instagram page and it is yielding a positive result because our skits are travelling really fast.”

Xploit comedy now has a fast-growing fan base on social media with about 285,000 followers on Instagram; over 400,000 Facebook followers and about 90,000 subscribers on YouTube page.




Best of Xploit Comedy Video

Below are some of the most hilarious comedy videos currently on youtube, fans of xploit comedy can watch and share these funny videos with friends.




Baba Show Me My Future


You Must L!ck Her [email protected]$


The Cucumber Soldiers


Latest Comedy Videos from Xploit Comedy



When Malaysians boys returns to Nigeria for christmas


The Worst Proposal Ever


Santa Clause vs Father Christmas


These are some of best and latest Xploit comedy videos skits on Youtube. This post will be updated frequently so bookmark this page and check back later for more latest xploit comedy videos.

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