ATSWA Exam Study Pack on Management [PDF]

ATSWA Exam Study Pack on Management


To examine the candidates’ knowledge and understanding of business and non- business organizations as well as the managerial knowledge, attitude and skills required to achieve efficient and effective operations of such organization in a dynamic environment.

At the end of this course candidates must be able to:
(a) define and explain the nature of business and non-business organizations;
(b) understand the nature of business environment and its relevance to policy decisions of management;
(c) explain the concept of corporate social responsibility, ethics in business, corporate governance and their relevance in business environment to the effective management of the business environment;
(d) define and explain the basic concepts, principles, theories, techniques of management, strategic management and their applications to solving management problems;
(e) understand the nature, role, function, procedures and the inter-relationships of the organic business functions of marketing, production, personnel and accounting;
(f) understand the management of people for effective relationships at workplace;
(g) identify and understand the elements of office practice and procedures, importance of health and safety at work.


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