ATSWA Exam Study Pack on Information Technology [PDF]

ATSWA Exam Study Pack on Information Technology


To develop a practical knowledge and understanding of the role of information and communication technologies in an organization with special reference to the accounting functions.

On completion of this paper, candidates should be able to:
a. have an understanding of the roles of information technology to an organization;
b. understand the communication support systems;
c. describe the hardware and software systems of micro computers;
d. have knowledge of the main features of integrated packages with reference to word processing, database, spreadsheet, PowerPoint and other accounting packages;
e. describe the work practices for monitoring and maintaining the security of the computer environment;
f. be well acquainted on recent development in information and communication technologies;
g. understand how accounting functions are affected by information and communication technologies; and
h. interact with the operating system.


ATSWA Study Pack on Information Technology – Download



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