Apetamin Weight Gain Syrup: Facts You Must Know Before Using it

There is a lot of buzz going on about the weight gain supplement called Apetamin because the weight gain syrup has worked wonders for skinny guys and girls. People who take Apetamin notice rapid weight gain and this has led to many asking questions about this popular weight gain supplement.

For those who have questions and require the truth about Apetamin, Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about Apetamin weight gain supplement.

Is Apetamin Safe, How does Apetamin Work

Yes, Apetamin is Safe. Apetamin weight gain supplement contains cyproheptadine, lysine and vitamins that stimulate the appetite and let’s you hold the calories so you gain weight in a healthy manner. People who take apetamine have an increased appetite which makes them start adding body weight in a week thereby making Apetamin the fastest weight gainer supplement in Nigeria.



Skinny Lady adds weight after using Apetamin Weight Gain supplement





Skinny Guy adds weight after using Apetamin Weight Gain supplement


Does Apetamin Make a Womens Butt and Hips Bigger

Yes, Apetamin enhances curves on ladies. Ladies who take Apetamin get bigger thighs, butts and flesh on their arms almost instantly. This is the reason Apetamin is very famous among women, it doesn’t make your cheeks fats, it only works on enhancing the body most especially the thighs and butts.

Below are some before and after picture of women who take Apetamine;

Lady Added Weight using Apetamin

Apetamin Increases Ladies Butt and Hips

Notice how the body of these skinny ladies transformed in weeks. That’s why Apetamin is very popular among ladies.



What are the Side Effects of Apetamin Syrup

People who take Apetamin eat often and may experience drowsiness thereby making them to sleep often. Here is a list of common Apetamin side effects;

  1. Constipation
  2. Dizziness
  3. Drowsiness
  4. Dry mouth, nose or throat
  5. Blurred vision


Should I Stop Taking Apetamin

It is highly recommended you stop taking apetamine or any other weight gain supplement if you experience any serious side effects such as seizures, irregular heartbeat, mood changes and difficulty in urinating, narrow angle glaucoma, peptic ulcer or bowel blockage. People who experience allergic reaction or any of the side effect listed below are advised to see a doctor immediately.


How Much is Apetamin and Where can I Buy it

Here in Nigeria, Apetamin is sold between N2,200 – N3,500. Apetamin weight gain supplement can be purchased at pharmacies across Nigeria. You can also buy Apetamin at online retail stores in Nigeria.

Buy from Jumia

In just a few steps you can place your purchase order for Apetamin using either of the online retails store provided above.


The Truth About Apetamin

Here is my review about Apetamin weight gain supplement. Apetamin may have some negative reviews by users but overall the pros outweighed the cons because it has obviously worked for so many skinny guys and girls.

Just like I mentioned above, they may be some side effects but this totally depends on the body systems of the users. A skinny friend of mine started using Apetamin a few weeks ago and her body changed almost instantly. I almost didn’t recognize my friend when I saw her.

She said at the initial stage, the weight gain syrup made her eat very often and she gets a bit drowsy a times. I also advise users to pay close attention to the side effect and the dosage recommended to you.

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