Latest Airtel Free Browsing Settings using http Injector .ehi config

The latest Airtel .ehi http injector config is available and this post will show you how to use http injector to browse free on Airtel. All credits for this airtel http injector cheat goes to Loyal teams.

You can now browse free on your andorid smartphone using the latest http injector config files and settings below;


Airtel Free Browsing Settings

This airtel http injector cheat is unstable at the moment, however some people have reported it to be stable on a Airtel 4G network.

To begin you will need a 0.0k balance



Now download the http injector file – HERE

You will be prompted to enter ssh server login details- for a username and password enter;




airtel http injector free browsing settings

Username: loyalteams

Password: loyalteams

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