How to Activate Ikeja Electric Prepaid Meter After Installation

Many electricity consumers in Nigeria have been asking “How long does it take to activate a prepaid meter” and “How do I activate my prepaid meter after installation” because unfortunately this has been a major challenge for electricity consumers in Nigeria. Therefore in this post, electricity consumers in Nigeria will get details on how to activate your prepaid meters.

A large number of electricity consumers in Nigeria are still un-metered therefore they are issues electricity bills based on NERC’s estimated billing methodology.

The metering process is still on-going and DISCOs hope to complete the process in a few years, however there have been major complains concerning the delay in the activation of prepaid electricity meters in Nigeria.



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Below are some of the comment made by customers of Ikeja electric on social media;

@IkejaElectric how long does it take to activate a prepaid meter? We’ve done as asked, paid up everything and want to load units but it won’t work. We were told it’ll take 48 hours but it’s going to the 5th day now. It’s really frustrating to say the least.



This is calling on Ikeja electric and its management to activate my prepaid meter cos i cannot continue to live in darkness with my family. My prepaid meter was installed on Tuesday lastweek we were asked to come to Ijaiye to reactivate the card so that we can load credit

@IkejaElectric @ieServe You pple keep givin us fake info, you installed a prepaid meter of just 100 units and ask us to go activate in ur office so as to get a code thru SMS in 48hrs.100units has finished, we still haven’t gotten any code, we can’t even recharge

@IkejaElectric I have been waiting to activate my prepaid meter for the past 2 months….all they tell me is tomorrow after tomorrow. I have been running generator for these period in question despite the fact that there is light in the neighbourhood.


How to Activate Your Prepaid Meter

  • Proceed to the Business Unit of your Coverage area with the Metre Card, alongside a proof of identification(International Passport, National I’d Card, Driver License) and Utility bill. Also take along the meter application form if you have not done so.
  • When you get there to your Business Unit, visit the customer care front desk with the information as state above and request for Meter Activation.

How to Know When your Prepaid Meter has been Activated

When the activation process is completed, an SMS will be sent to your mobile phone within 48 hours.

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